Welcome to the Orom

‘Orom’ (oh-rum) is a Hungarian word that translates to ‘Joy’ in English. True to its origin, our platform Orom believes in spreading joy in marriages and nurturing them to the fullest.

Orom Forums is a community-based platform that helps users across the globe navigate their marital problems with ease and efficiency. Our platform offers literature, guidelines, and advice based on unbiased opinions pertaining to various stages of a marriage and its hindrances.
Launched in 2022, Orom was created to help individuals nurture their married lives. We noticed a gap out there when it came to post-marriage advice. While many platforms catered to relationship problems, none precisely and intensely focused on marriages.

The notion that everything is smooth and fun once individuals get married is a myth. Orom understood that and brought users and their solutions (expert guidance) under one roof. We answer common issues and questions regarding fatherhood, live-in, sexual health, laws, divorce, parenting, investments, spirituality, relationships, and more. All these solutions are backed by experts in related fields who can further help the users to nurture their marriages.

We partner with professionals at the top of their fields to provide the best solutions to our community.

How does Orom work?

Forums/ Blogs

An in-house team of writers generates our blogs with industry professionals after calculated research and surveys. Our blogs do not endorse discrimination against people regardless of race, gender, financial stature, etc. Orom is a safe place for people from all walks of life to seek help whenever required or better nurture their marriages with our expert assistance.
All blogs are conceptualised and drafted based on frequently asked questions from our community of users and the worldwide masses. All content pieces in our blogs are unbiased and offer a neutral standpoint, helping individuals make sound choices from the information available.

Discussion Forums

Orom comprises 16 forums ranging from fitness to spiritual, legal, investment, career, mental health, and more. Each forum includes blogs that help users understand various problems and solutions related to that particular niche. All forums are interactive and open to public (anonymous option available) comments and interactions between users and expert professionals to guide them better.
We believe that interactions rule out problems from the root. The more we talk, the less we suffer. To solve our users' problems, Orom has introduced an open and interactive section where users can discuss their lives and seek guidance from industry professionals with years of expertise in navigating niche problems with efficient solutions. One can also maintain their privacy by posting anonymous comments under discussion forums.

Orom aims to nurture a marriage lifecycle. With changing times, the dimensions of marriage as an institution are changing dynamically. Both new and old generations are seeking clarity about live-in relationships, IVF, surrogacy, fatherhood and much more. For better clarity, subscribe to our mailing list.