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What is Orom?

Orom aims to nurture a marriage lifecycle. There are numerous topics about marriage that are hushed and swept under the rug. Orom is a platform where experts in respective fields showcase their knowledge and spread their wisdom about complex topics.

What is the Orom specialized in?

Orom is specialized in sharing information about post-marriage aspects. We aim to share genuine information that usually people shy away from talking about or are unaware of. Moreover, readers can post their questions and our partners will respond to those questions to the best of their ability.

Does Orom talk about live-in relationships?

Yes, Orom talks about Live-in relationships. And not just live-in relationships, we also cover many other significant subject matters such as adoption, laws, parenting, pre-marriage counselling, IVF, divorce, financial planning and wealth management, and much more.

How trustworthy is the Orom?

The Orom is managed by proficient individuals and our articles go out into the public eye after they have been validated by experts in their respective fields.

Is it possible to interact with the Partner?

Yes, you can interact with our partners. Our partner’s contact details are available on www.abc.com

Can I become a partner who would answer questions on a different forum?

Yes, as an expert you can answer questions only if you hold expertise in that specific subject matter. We approve certain partners to answer the questions of readers.

Are these articles written by lawyers/doctors?

The blogs that are written and published by us are well researched by our well-versed team and scrutinized by specific field experts.

For Partners

What are the advantages of uploading my blogs on the Orom?

Orom aims to nurture a marriage cycle. Readers get unbiased information about various aspects of post-marriage milestones.
By sharing your knowledge through Orom, you can showcase your expertise. Readers can directly contact you for further consultation. As of now, we do not charge to list you as a partner.

How many forums can I add to my profile?

You are permitted to add 2 related forums to your profile.

Any charges to list my profile?

No. You will not be charged for anything.

I want to start a blog, what should I consider doing?

Writing and releasing a blog is a responsible job. While writing blogs, one must consider these few things -

  • Select the forum you want to write in.
  • Research well, as one wrong piece of information can mislead your readers.
  • Write in simple and impactful language.
  • Focus on your target audience.
  • In the last stage, our SEO team helps your blogs rank foremost.
How can I upload my blog to the Forum?

You can click on the link below and add your accurate details. Once we approve your information, within 24 business hours, you will be notified via email that you have partnered with us.


Orom aims to nurture a marriage lifecycle. With changing times, the dimensions of marriage as an institution are changing dynamically. Both new and old generations are seeking clarity about live-in relationships, IVF, surrogacy, fatherhood and much more. For better clarity, subscribe to our mailing list.