Perks of balancing out Vata Dosha

The human body is miraculous. It functions better than a machine but also needs maintenance, which we need to pa..

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What is spiritual development? Advantages and Tips

Spiritual development/growth is a term used for inner awakening; it is use..

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How meditation helps calm your anxiety?

In the hustle and bustle world, it almost feels like a crime to do somethi..

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How to strengthen the lungs? Breathing exercises t

Breathing exercise heals some of the most crucial organs in your body. Bre..

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What Is Garbh Sanskar And Why Is It Important Duri

Garbh Sanskar is an Ayurveda practice upheld by scientific evidence that aims to support an unborn child. In Ayu..

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Spirituality – What Is It? Beyond The Buzzwords!

We hear the buzzword thrown around for almost centuries now, but what really is spirituality? Is it religion? Is..

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