Can Your Relationship Survive the Viral ‘Orange

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What are the Laws on Domestic violence in India, a

Domestic violence is one of the most gruesome activities in households. In India, from 2001 to 2018, domestic vi..

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How do Millennials feel about getting married - Ob

Being married is fun, especially with the person you love. In India, peopl..

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Top 10 important questions to ask your partner bef

Regardless of how live-in relationships are pursued in India, some couples..

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Six ways to strengthen your bond in a live-in rela

In the early stages of a live-in relationship, everything seems jovial. It..

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What should be the duration of your relationship b

A live-in relationship is like a marriage for a couple but witho..

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How safe are you in a live-in relationship in Indi

Now that India is becoming urban, more and more people are getti..

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Are Live-In relationships really successful?

The world is changing rapidly in its social structure and relati..

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Increasing social acceptability of Live-In relatio

Some people criticize and think Live-In relationships are toxic ..

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Live-In relationships in India - What does the law

The Supreme Court of India gave legal recognition to live-in relationships for the first..

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