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Being married is fun, especially with the person you love. In India, people consider marriage a sign of love and a sacrament. Only arranged marriages used to take place back then, but as the years passed and we started stepping into the modern world, love marriages gradually became the new trend. Be it a love marriage or arranged marriage, some people don't want to tie the knot at all. Who are they? They are the millennials! 

Many millennials are opting to stay unmarried. There are various reasons why millennials opt for unmarried life. In fact, according to the latest reports, millennials prefer live-in relationships compared to Gen-Z. But why is that? Why are millennials having trouble finding their soulmate? What are the prime reasons for staying unmarried? Because millennials tend to be savvy, just like any human, they need affection and somebody to rely on. 

You may have seen some unmarried people and pondered how they are even living everyday life, or you may have thought their life was boring. Because let's be honest, how do these unmarried people survive in the arduous time of life without a partner? Well, it is because they feel free from the need to rely on anyone after dealing with abiding obstacles all on their own. Can't believe it, right? 

You may think that some people choose to stay unmarried because they believe they are the best, but sometimes the reasons are; that their sexuality is different, but doesn't want their families to know, they have loved someone in their life but couldn't be with them and much more. People's standpoint on why millennials don't get married is endless.

But let's get to why some millennials prefer to stay unmarried. 

1) Fear of failing - Many people hate marriages because they grew up watching their parents fight or somebody closer do the battle of keeping a strained relationship alive. The thought of marriage is bound to create fights entrenched in their minds. People tend to fear having a failed marriage.

2) Parental notion - Millennials are more sincere towards their parents than Gen-Z. They grew up following their parents' footsteps and did what they were told to do, especially in a typical desi family. Even today, love marriages are looked upon as a disgrace. Now imagine how millennials were kept within the fence not to cross the line and only marry the person they approve of. But in today's era, the same family will approve of love marriage for the younger generation but not the millennials because they still carry the preconceived notion that love marriages are not ok for their children. 

3) Betrayal - Many people are in their 30's and 40's yet unmarried. Why is that? One of the main reasons is betrayal. Now imagine decades ago, when loving somebody was considered a crime and the lovers had to pay the price, and in that time, you were betrayed by your partner. Would you ever try again? Would you trust to be with someone and then spend the rest of your life with them? One of the reasons people don't want to get married is that they still have their first love concealed in their hearts and they cannot move on. 

4) Fake hopes - Unmarried millennials have already given the hope that they will ever get to marry someone who will adore them. And when they try to find their soulmate on a matrimony site, they get fake accounts to communicate. Many people are unaware of how some matrimonial sites function in disguise. 

5) Not up to the mark - Many millennials are single because their standards are pretty high. They do not need to settle down with anything lower than expected. 

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