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You may have seen a warning sign on cigarette boxes, but people still buy and use them. Humans are funny! Even though they know something is toxic for them and the warning has been given to them, they get attracted to that. Smoking cigarettes is like digging your grave and buying slow poison for yourself. The ratio of smokers is escalating like wildfire; unfortunately, most smokers are young. 

More than half of the earth's population is dealing with diseases caused by smoking. Smoking is the root cause of life-threatening diseases like cancer, heart disease, pregnancy complications and much more. These diseases occur because of nicotine front cigarettes. Nicotine is a hazardous and addictive chemical that can cause increased blood pressure, narrowing and hardening artery walls, and much more. 

What influences people to start smoking? 

Humans have a peculiar coping mechanism. When people are in desperate need of satisfaction from the pain of mental distress, they tend to do things that grant them instant relief or happiness. People get attracted to temporary satisfaction more than a permanent ones. Stress, anxiety & depression, parental and peer examples, to act cool amongst peers are some of the prime reasons people start smoking. 

In this fast-paced world where people find their lives mundane and lifeless, they constantly search for pleasure and tend to adopt toxic habits. Smoking is one of those habits. People smoke to feel satisfaction, but does smoking cigarettes give pleasure? 

Cigarettes contain tobacco and tobacco contains nicotine which makes you smoke again and again. Nicotine activates dopamine signals in your brain, which creates a pleasurable sensation.

What is the influencing age when people start smoking?

As experts say, the teenage phase is the most important in an individual's life because that is when they discover their sexuality, get puberty, explore new things, get attracted to threatening things and much more. As per the records, people start smoking in their teenage years. 

As a smoker, you may deal with the everyday needs of your family and friends. You may feel the urge to quit smoking, but you miserably fail to do so. If this is your situation or you see your dearest one dealing with it, you can help them with these tips. 

Natural tips to follow in quitting smoking -

1) Keep chewing - Smoking is not just about inhaling nicotine; it is about activating all senses. While a person smokes, all their senses are activated, for instance - holding the cigarette between fingers, smelling the smell of burning cigarettes, inhaling and tasting the smoke, and activating hearing sensation by lighting the cigarette. While quitting, many smokers miss activating these senses and return to lighting cigarettes.

However, if you mimic and impel your brain to think that chopped veggies are cigarettes and activate your senses, you may feel less agitated. 

Tip - Chopped carrots, cucumbers or any fruits you like in cigarette shape and eat it by mimicking as if you are smoking. 

2) Meditation - Quitting or smoking cigarettes is all in your head. Once you make up your mind to quit smoking, you won't turn back. Meditation will help you do that. For decades, meditation has been an excellent method to make human minds iron-willed. It will boost your willpower. 

3) Shift your focus - People frequently smoke when stressed or bored. Whatever the situation is, try to distract your mind before your brain signals you to take a puff. Before lighting a cigarette, go for a quick run. Start doing something creative when your mind is distracted.

4) Hide your triggers - People get smoking urges when their stress is triggered. For instance - Before going to the meeting, you may need a few puffs of a cigarette, try and avoid that. You may smoke after a fight with your partner. Understand what triggers your apprehensions and find practical solutions rather than lighting a cigarette.  

5) Tulsi Leaves - Tulsi leaves are a major part of Ayurveda. For centuries, tulsi leaves have been used as a medicinal plant. Tulsi helps fight cancer and prevents it from attacking you. Also, munching on tulsi leaves

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