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Spiritual development/growth is a term used for inner awakening; it is used for rising beyond consciousness. In the commotion of life, it is almost impossible to listen to yourself. That is why we become emotionally unstable more and more. The foremost motive behind spiritual development is to break the shackles of ego, anger and jealousy from sitting. Once you are spiritually developed, you pave the way for a harmonious life. Every day how many times do you wish you had the superpower to turn a blind eye to your daily problems? How many times have you hoped you could tackle negative vibes? If you wish for this often, it's time to try spiritual development. 

Advantages of spiritual development - 

1) Easy on hardships - Those who try spiritual development are believed to have an easy way to take problems. For instance - Those who practice spiritual growth may not get scared of the extra work they get when a due date is unrealistically close. 

2) Forgiveness is bliss - People who practice spiritual development tend to have a tender heart. They become more forgiving. They might not hold a grudge or stress over trivial things. They will forgive and move on to other things because they don't feel like carrying baggage on their chest, which might hinder their development process. 

3) Explore the core - One of the eminent advantages of spiritual development is that it encourages you to explore yourself. It helps you reach the root cause of your negative traits. For instance - You may have had anger issues come childhood but don't know the reason behind it; spiritual development will help you find the answer. Maybe you have anger issues because of the struggle to get love and attention from others in childhood. 

What are the ways to obtain spiritual development? 

1) Meditation - Even 15 minutes of everyday meditation goes a long way. It helps in better concentration, self-awareness, self-esteem, stress and anxiety. 

2) Awaken your soul - Your body is more than your physical body. You have a soul and that's why you are alive. If you keep your soul happy, your body will respond that way. Speak positive things to your body. 

3) Mantra Jaap - Mantra Jaap helps mental pathways magnificently. Mantra Jaap is believed to be an efficient way to connect with spiritual energy. It helps you under the power of the mind and the Yogic path. 

4) Yoga - Yoga is famous worldwide for its diving positivity. Yoga has the power to relax your mind and enhance various aspects of spiritual intelligence and well-being. 

5) Gratitude - Spiritual development makes you kind and grounded. Start respecting everything you have around yourself and everything you own. Understand and appreciate what you have; others may not have the same. Show gratitude for every little thing. For instance - Don't waste even a bite of food; people from many parts of the world struggle daily to eat even a tiny bit of food. Acts like feeding animals, birds and homeless people are a sign of gratitude. What you receive from mother earth, you must give back to others. This is one of the ways to keep your spiritual development process intact. 

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