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Marriage is the epitome of love and respect. Marriage is beyond two individuals tying the knot. Families from both parties are involved in marriage; friends and finances are involved and so much more. Most divorces take place because of disagreements and tension between two individuals. When the couple starts to feel caged in their marriage, they opt for divorce

Marriage doesn't happen overnight and it shouldn't happen overnight. Marriage must undergo a prolonged introduction process, getting to know each other and their families better, their backgrounds and much more. When a couple rushes and ties the knot, they eventually have profound discrepancies. To avoid bumpy roads in the marriage, counseling before marriage is essential.

If you feel awkward asking your partner vital questions, you might be arising the root cause of your future problems. You can ask these top 20 questions to your partner without hesitation to maintain harmony between you and your partner in the future. 

1) What are your views about kids? How many kids do you wish for? 

2) What do you think about the wedding? Do you want a big fat wedding or a subtle one? 

3) What is your opinion if we don't conceive naturally? 

4) What are your financial goals? What are the investment methods you use? 

5) Did you have any past relationships? Are you still into them? 

6) What are your expectations from me after marriage? 

7) How will you respond if your child opens up about their sexuality? 

8) What if anyone harasses me from your family? How will you defend me? 

9) What are your religious beliefs? Do you wish to pass that on to our children? 

10) Should we consider taking an STD test before marriage? 

11) What are you insecure about? 

12) After marriage, where are we going to live? With inlaws or separately? 

13) What are expectations in intimacy or sex

14) Do you get insecure or jealous in a relationship? 

15) Is it ok for you if I wear certain clothes or socialize with my friends? 

16) What are your views on western clothes and ethnic clothes? Do you think everyone should be free to wear what they like even after marriage?

17) Do you have any chronic diseases I should know of? 

18) Does your family have any property, financial, or family issues? 

19) Does anyone have a criminal record in the family that I should be aware of? 

20) What is your opinion on your partner's career

These are the top 20 questions to ask your partner before marriage. 

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