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Pregnant women must enjoy their pregnancy till it lasts. Pregnancy is one of the most enchanting and honorable feelings for new mothers, especially to feel baby kicks and movements in their bellies. Like anything else, pregnancy has its pros and cons, but the outcome is all worth it. When you hold your baby in your arms, you forget the pain you had over a few months. When you hold your baby's tiny feet, the reality starts sinking in that your baby is not in your belly anymore. You start seeing the world in their gleaming eyes. 

Everything about pregnancy is magical, but as pregnancy entails delicate phases, pregnant women must care for themselves, especially during monsoon. As much as the monsoon seems beautiful, it is also a risk ball. Monsoon is a season when you bring many bacteria and insects. That's why pregnant women should intensify their precautionary measures. 

Top 5 ways to keep yourself healthy in the monsoon during pregnancy.

1) Nourishment - Monsoon is a season of delectable food items like pakoras and vadas. As much as it tastes delicious, it is risky for pregnant women to eat outside food. And even if you wish to make a healthier version of junk food, try to make it less oily. Try to eat nutritious and warm food that will enhance your immune system.

2) Hydration - Dehydration is one of the biggest problems in monsoons. You must keep track of your water intake. And make sure to drink purified boiled water as there can be many germs in water, especially during monsoon. 

3) Hygiene - In monsoons, the biggest problem is germs and other diseases. Every time you step out of the house, you will get wet. And even if you don't go out too much in the rainy season, keeping your surroundings clean and fresh is essential, as even a little bit of untidiness can invite flies, insects and germs. To keep yourself and your home clean, use an air freshener, a light mild incense stick or Dettol for bath and cleaning. 

4) Stay away from mosquitoes - Mosquitoes are the biggest culprit during monsoon. They become more powerful in the monsoon. Diseases like dengue and malaria are pretty normal in monsoons. However, pregnant women should be very careful about this. Ensure to take all precautions to avoid mosquitoes, such as A) Close all the windows around 6/6:30 in the evening, B) Clean your rooms with Dettol, C) Light mosquito repellent sticks D) If there is any stagnant water, clear that out immediately. E) Use camphor. 

5) Dress appropriately - You may wonder, what does it mean to dress well when you are just sitting at home? Well, you must dress well as the monsoon can be unpredictable for you. Even though you don't go out, it is essential to keep your hygiene foremost. For instance - A) Monsoon can be chilly sometimes, so you should wear full clothes to avoid getting cold. B) Pregnant women shouldn't wear anything tight, especially on their waist. Make sure to wear something light and comfy. C) Wear cotton clothes and other fabrics that might give your rashes. 

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