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Have you ever had a chaotic day, decide to plug in your earphones and suddenly the whole world seems to slow down? Have you ever heard relaxing music and felt the entangled clots in your mind releasing? Meditation or relaxing music can soothe your mind and charge you up. Your brain plays a vital role in your everyday activities. If your brain is not clear, you will keep messing things up. You will be stuck no matter how many times you try to improve. 

Human minds are a beautiful blend of both fragility and strength. It differs from person to person and in varying circumstances. Your mind needs a break from time to time. At times your brain requires refreshing. Something you need to do regularly. Your brain starts shutting down when you go overboard with work or stress. Ask yourself why wouldn't it be. Even the machines break down when treated ruthlessly and even devices need breaks from time to time. 

How does relaxing music help you?

Relaxing or meditation music usually has a slow tempo, allowing your brain to release the stress of the day. 

Top 10 relaxing music you should listen to when you are stressed or want to relax your mind.

Platform - YouTube 

1) Yellow Brick Cinema - Relaxing Music

Channel -

2) Meditation and Healing

Channel -

3) Sound-and-silence Resonant Healing 

Video -

4) Nova Relaxing Music

Video -

5) Nu Meditation Music

Video -

6) Sleep Easy Relax - Keith Smith

Video -

7) Yagnya Meditation 

Video -

8) Nova Spiritual India

Video -

9) Meditative Mind

Video -

10) Music for Body and Spirit - Meditation Music

Video -

We hope you attain a peaceful mind after listening to the meditation songs we suggested. To read such informative and interesting blogs, check out our other Forums.



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