Are Live-In relationships really successful?Subscribe

The world is changing rapidly in its social structure and relationship frameworks. What used to be prohibited once, for instance, live-in relationships, is no longer restricted. However, the obvious question, the apparent dilemma, is whether to get into one. 

Experts always say that the best way to make decisions is to understand the pros and cons and then evaluate if a particular decision will lead to a successful result for you. The same applies to any cohabiting relationship, whether you're planning to get married or live in a relationship. 

Here are some of the factors you can consider regarding live-in relationships before making your choice:

  1. A live-in relationship allows the partners to get to know each other quickly. It helps them understand fundamental incompatibilities and can help them avoid divorce later. Live-in relationships are a relatively new concept and empirical data may need to be studied related to the success ratio of live-in relations.
  2. However, experts do believe that live-in relationships allow for a person to experience how their partner is. Unlike public settings, you can see your partner in intimate, safe, personal spaces. Their habits, hygiene, preferences, etc., become more apparent.
  3. On the contrary, people sometimes feel like live-in is a preference for those who run away from commitment. Experts suggest that commitment and dependability is a personality traits. Either people have it or they don't. People can be running away from commitment and responsibilities in marriage also. People can be fulfilling obligations and responsibilities in live-in relationships as well. It is about the people in the relationship and not the relationship format.
  4. Live-in allows people to be free of the legal stress of divorce. It also allows both people to manage their funds independently, together or in a mixed fashion, depending on how they want to plan it.
  5. On the contrary, it also means that there is less legal protection that live-in partners get, especially women who get lesser protection in case of domestic violence. Also, the social judgment and the increasing pressure to get married can be multifold. This causes more stress, even if not the legal kind.

One of the essential things to understand and accept in the case of Live-in relationships is that they are like any other relationship regarding cohabiting, living together, breakups, emotions, etc. The only difference is in the legal framework, which may or may not work for specific people depending on their preferences.






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