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Many women, especially in India, choose to chase their careers or predominantly focus on marriage. You may think that all of this is old school and this used only to happen a few decades ago, but this may be an underlying lie. Many women feel the need to halt their careers and focus on their careers. They feel guilty for prioritising their work and not giving enough time to their family. 

But in today's era, where everything has a solution, you shouldn't deprive yourself of chasing your dream career. Continuation of your career should be discussed with your partner before marriage to avoid any hurdles in your relationship. No such rules state that a working woman is liable to be guilty if she works after marriage. Just like men working after marriage is normal, women working after marriage should be normalised too. 

However, it may seem impossible for new brides to choose between career and marriage, but guess what? You don't have to choose anything; you must live the way you want. You can have both and still nail it in life. 

Here are the top ways to manage work and married life - 

1) Don't bring the office home - Both men and women tend to carry the work stress throughout the day. They have it at home and sometimes their work frustration on their partner. This not only puts your partner down but affects the strength of your marriage. Try and keep your work-related topics aside and discuss how the day went, what to do next, where to plan for a vacation, etc. 

2) Be vocal - If you are having any problem or if you feel your partner is upset or if you are upset, tell your partner about it. 

3) Daily chores - One of the biggest and most significant concerns of many people while dropping off their career is to take care of the daily chores. You must realise that plenty of other options can solve your problem, such as hiring a helper, discussing it with your partner and switching household chores; for instance - if you are doing the dishes, your partner should be doing brooming. 

4) Unconditional love - As you and your partner will be working, you may get little time to spend together. So whatever time you get with each other makes you do something memorable. Enjoy each other's company and keep the spark alive. 

5) Baby discussion - If you are planning to have a child, discuss everything with your partner, from how you will handle your career to which things your partner will be helping you out with. 

Getting married doesn't mean you have to shackle your dreams and live with no aspirations and joy. Everything is possible with a loving partner, better communication and comprehension. 

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