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Fatherhood is a blessing. Becoming parents is an exquisite feeling. Many dads-to-be are unaware of their vital role during pregnancy and childbirth. Women go through a lot during pregnancy, especially while giving birth. The blend of unbearable pain and the flood of emotions can be tiresome. At this time, moms-to-be need someone to support them. Especially if the dad-to-be is in the labour ward, it is always a great idea as he will not only provide support to his partner, but the couple will also make a priceless memory to cherish for a lifetime. 

Parenting is a responsible job; one must handle it with patience and affection. As a father, it is essential to bond with the unborn child. 

Given below are the things you must consider as a father after childbirth. 

Father's role during delivery: A father should actively participate during childbirth. They should show affection to their partners as it helps calm the mothers during delivery. Keep your partner calm, as it can create complications during delivery. Offer plenty of kisses and gentle touches on their bellies. 

Bonding with your baby: As newborns are not used to commotion and touch, it is vital to be careful around them because even a slight upswing in noise can distress the baby. Hold your baby gently yet carefully, stroke them, whistle in front of them, keep them engaged and speak to them. From becoming a diaper hero to a nanny, do it all for your baby to grow in a positive environment. 

Bathing your baby: Babies love water and being wrapped in their parents' arms. Bathing with your baby will enhance the bond between you and your child and allow you to see your little one's joy. Keep the baby on your chest while you bathe them with lukewarm water. Bathing with your baby can also make a wonderful memory for the father. Please be careful while bathing your little one; the bathroom area can be slippery. 

Skin-to-skin love: Sit on a comfy chair without your shirt and gently place your baby's face on your chest. Placing your baby on the chest/ holding them in your arm has been scientifically proven to be an ideal option for new parents. The skin-to-skin practice has excellent benefits, such as it helps in naturally regulating a newborn's temperature and improving heart rate, which is vital for energy, breathing, and much more.

Physical Activity: Make sure you become your newborn's best buddy. Sing and read to your little ones as they enjoy a soothing rhythm. Even though they might not understand what you are talking about, it is vital to interact with them and keep them engaged to stabilize their emotions.






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