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You may have a time when you saw your child being vulnerable but turned a blind eye to it. Getting to know your child as they develop can be a challenging part of parenting. You may not realise what your child adores and gets frightened by as they age. 

As much as parenting is beautiful, it is full of responsibilities. Parenting entails a lot of responsibility. You must have an eagle's eye constantly checking if your child is doing fine. It isn't very comforting for both parents and children as children grow. You may have heard of depression in adults, but have you heard about mental illnesses that happen to children? It is disheartening for some parents to see their children dealing with mental illness.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to see if your child is going through something or how they perceive things. There could be signs of mental illness in children that you may not have noticed. As your child develops, they go through developmental stages, and environmental and cultural changes might affect their mental health. Moreover, as they are not exposed to the world yet, they might get scared even if there are fights or commotion at home.

But what if your child already has signs of mental illness, or even if they don't, you want to know how your child is doing? Well, that's what Child Psychologists are for. 

What is child psychology? 

Child psychology is one of the branches of psychology. It deals with children and focuses on their minds and behaviour. Child psychology helps in understanding why children behave a certain way in certain situations. It not only deals with children's physical growth but also their mental growth. 

What does the child psychologist do? 

A child psychologist helps the child deal with mental illness or other developmental barriers. They observe how a child interacts with their family and friends and how they react to certain situations or questions.

While performing the test, a child psychologist can detect abnormal behaviour in children and guide the parents for further treatment. Child psychologists see the problem, investigate the matter and determine the root cause of the child's behaviour. For instance - The child may suffer from learning issues, trauma, sexual abuse, etc. 

Child psychologist helps the child to open up about their experiences and feelings. Child psychologists deal with all aspects of children's psychology. They help children with cognitive thinking. For instance - While growing up, some children find it hard to answer basic questions, tend to forget things easil, and find it hard to communicate. In such cases, child psychologists conduct therapies that entail language learning, decision-making, memorizing, problem-solving, etc. 

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