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In the hustle and bustle world, it almost feels like a crime to do something and not stress about it. Almost every single person is worrying about something right now. Stress is one of the root cause of severe diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart disease and mental health issues. Long events of stress cause anxiety to burst. For instance, when you let stress pile up, it will burst out as anxiety. People entangled with stress experiences physical and mental experiences like irritability, mood swings, feeling low or nothing, digestive complications, muscle pain and much more. Stress that's left unchecked can be highly troublesome later. 

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is an uncomfortable feeling of fear or uneasiness. It is normal to have anxiety when you are about to do something that causes nervousness. For instance, when you are about to give a speech for a time, you may experience anxiety. However, for some people, anxiety may not be normal. It can be a sign of mental illness. In today's time, many people are diagnosed with anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorder is when a person feels anxious at any time and the condition might worsen over time. This constant uneasy feeling significantly impacts daily performances at work, college, social life, etc. 

Anxiety symptoms include sweaty palms and feet, dizziness, fatigue, heavy chest, shivering and stomach growling. 

Although there are many ways to calm the anxiety, such as taking medication and therapy, there is no harm in managing your stress naturally at home. 

Meditation has been used as an effective method to ease anxiety for decades. It kicks away the apprehensions and heals the root cause. Although this is a gradual process, it is an effective one. In ancient times, all the saints and Gurus meditated to eradicate stress and feel closer to God. However, in today's chaotic times, mediation has become essential to release tension. 

How does meditation help in calming anxiety? 

Meditation is an ancient practice of releasing some toxic chemicals caused by stress in the body. It is a practice to train your mind to eliminate all the bad vibes from your body and also attract the good ones. The power of mediation is unparalleled. More simply, meditation helps ease the entitled thoughts in your mind, which eventually helps in making you feel better. It allows your mind to be focused. Meditation is the best way to produce a deep tranquil sense of mind. Furthermore, there are different types of meditation methods; they are as follows - 

1) MBSR training - Mindful Based Stress Reduction is a weekly technique where an instructor guides participants about Yoga and meditation techniques to release stress. 

2) Yoga is more like physical activity to obtain a peaceful mind. In Yoga, the instructor teaches different meditative asanas that help release toxins from your body. 

3) Transcendental meditation - In this type of meditation, the participant sits in a meditation position for a maximum of 20 minutes while closing their eyes and repeatedly chanting silent mantras. Often the mantras are given by certified instructors. 

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