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Parenting is magical. Witnessing your child growing up is an unparalleled feeling. But parenting can be difficult sometimes. Parenting is like a blend of bumpy roads and roller coasters. Just like this example, parenting can be chaotic too. But those who opt for parenting should know there will be circumstances when they must ace their patience skills. You must never forget that your little one is just a human and they are learning things. They might not know what you know; they have just come out of their shells, and you must watch them to see if they are on the right track. As kids evolve rapidly, they tend to learn good and bad things.

Kids are unaware of what is harmful and beneficial, but as their guardian, it's your right to shape their minds and behaviour. More than good traits, kids are pretty fascinated with adopting bad characteristics as it is enthralling for them, such as being addicted to screens, lying, boastfulness, laziness and many more. 

In a world of advanced technology, keeping kids away from screens is tough. Unlike in the old days when kids would play outside and participate in extracurricular activities, today's kids are often glued to the screen. Watching tv, Ipad, computers, etc., might relieve parents by engaging their kids and keeping them silent, but they don't realise kids can get addicted to watching tv or computer. Your child will need spectacles at an early age, or she will get agitated if you stop taking away their screen time. They might start disliking social activities. There are also heavy chances of kids learning bad stuff online, which can be age-inappropriate. 

Here are six ways to restrict screen time for kids and help them learn new hobbies.

1) Informative - Try to avoid giving your kids technological gadgets. Even if you are giving them any device, make sure you are making them watch or read something informative. Subscribe to all kid's news channels, kid's poetry, kid's learning shows, etc.

2) Physical Activities - Using technical gadgets invades your kid's learning process and impacts their physical abilities. Encourage them to play, make friends, move their bodies, run and more. 

3) Participate - Participate in your kid's life to distract them from gadgets. Take some time from mundane life and join your kids to play with them. You can read, sing, dance and play hide & seek with your kid. This develops a strong bond between parents and children and helps children feel confident.

4) Eagle's eye - The Internet can be a monster lurking behind the screen. Make sure to safeguard your child from getting trapped and addicted. The Internet is an open and enormous platform that people from all over the world use. There can be many age-inappropriate things your child must be seeing or reading. Make sure to give access only to age-appropriate things. 

5) Grow with them - Become your child's best friend. As parents, your duty is not just to scold your kids; your purpose should be to grow with your kids. Learn what your child is enchanted about. Learn what activities your child likes and enroll them in those activity classes. This is an ideal way to keep them distracted from screen time and the best to keep them engaged in the real world. This way, you will also help your child to develop a hobby.

6) Don't force - Don't constrain your child from learning new things. Don't impel your likes and hobbies onto your child. Children are synonymous with free birds. As parents, you must let your child explore themselves and decide what they like; that activity should be their hobby. For instance - As a father, if your hobby is playing soccer, your child doesn't need to have the same enthusiasm for soccer. They might be interested in painting. If they are interested in painting, then enrol them in an art class.  

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