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Most people are unaware we only have a few seconds to make the first impression in a job interview. So, how to make the most of your 'few golden seconds.' It is a question that gives most of us sleepless nights.

We get it. Job interviews seem like an end-game, either here or there, in or out, no in between, especially if you're just starting out as a working professional.

It's okay. Feel those things. Nervousness and excitement combined give us the strength and the will to perform better in such interviews. 

Before we get into what you should take care of/ prepare for in job interviews, let's first get into some common mistakes you should avoid & how.

  • Be sure to show up on time.

  • Be appropriately dressed for your role.

  • Be actively interested in conversations.

  • Be present with an updated CV.

  • Be a good listener throughout the process.

Here's how to nail a job interview with four simple & yet effective tips:

1. Read the job descriptions carefully.

Most people need to remember to read beyond the vacancy section for the role. Even if you've worked in a similar niche or industry, you still need to fulfill all the job requirements. Job descriptions are a great way to make a list of the things that employers in your industry look for in candidates. You can tick off the skills you already have and try to gain the ones missing in your profile. 

While this might not help you score in the recent interview, it will help you score in the next. Another advantage is that when the interviewer asks you why they should hire you, you can highlight the requirements in their job description as your skills.

2. Follow the company's online presence & activities for research.

Go through the online presence of all the companies you're interested in interviewing. Track their social media and website. You can also contact their existing employees to LinkedIn for recommendations or a better understanding of the company culture.

Engaging in such activities gives you a greater understanding of the company than job postings, ads or news articles. This can also give you an advantageous edge. Upon being asked why you like the company, you can list its unique ventures and culture based on the research.

3. Rehearse for some specifically important & common questions.

You know that there are some staple questions that all job interviews contain. I.e., Why should we hire you? What are your best skills? Why do you want to work for us? What do you bring to our table that no one else will?

Writing down the answer to such questions uniquely and interestingly is the key to making a good impression. It also helps you look confident, prepared, and aware of your capabilities. Remember that most companies look for candidates who are aware of their potential.

4. Ask unique and valuable questions.

Sometimes the best way to show your intelligence isn't by providing solutions but by asking the right questions. Most companies worth their salt love answering unique questions posed by candidates. This indicates that you've done thorough research for the role. It also helps them understand how good are your observation skills. And lastly, it portrays genuine interest from your end for the position.

Ask them why they like working for XYZ company. What does their company value the most? What X-factor differentiates XYZ from the rest within the same niche? How can I fill the gap in the team assigned to this position? By asking these questions, you've made your way inside their workplace. Sharing this information creates an invisible bond that leaves a lasting impression.

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