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Breathing exercise heals some of the most crucial organs in your body. Breathing exercises are not just about breathing in and breathing out. It is about efficiently and mindfully practicing it to get the best results. For decades, breathing exercises have been known to cure many complications in your body. In the chaotic era of competition, we constantly focus on enriching our way of living, but we forget the little but crucial things. Be true to yourself; in a range of 1-10, how much do you breathe properly? Although we know naturally that breathing helps in many ways, we tend to ignore its advantages. Even if you do 15 breathing exercises daily, you will see dramatic changes in your health. When you breathe correctly, you breathe a good amount of oxygen. It feeds your brain well and helps it pass messages and signals to the body. 

Advantages of Breathing exercise : 

1) Enhance Blood Flow - The up and down movements in the diaphragm helps remove toxins from your body, leading to enhanced blood flow. 

2) Kicks away Insomnia - Deep breathing is a part of meditation and meditation is known worldwide to help with sleeping issues. When you count while breathing, taking longer breaths helps signal your body to detoxify and become calm. The overall process helps in a peaceful sleep schedule. 

3) Improves digestion - When you take deep breaths, oxygen reaches all parts of your body, even the digestive system, making it work more efficiently. 

4) Effective pain killer - Have you ever wondered why you are in pain when most doctors recommend taking deep breaths? It is because when you take deep breaths, your body releases endorphins. Endorphins are good hormones and a natural painkiller that your body releases. 

5) Healthy lungs - Taking deep breaths helps strengthen your diaphragm. It helps your lungs reach their total capacity and enhance their capacity. 

Ways to do breathing exercises : 

1) Sleep breathing - 

You can do this before sleeping or whoever you feel like stress has become a tyrant in your life. All you have to do is -

- Lay down & keep your arms slightly away from your hips.

- Relax all your muscles and think as if you are sleeping.

- Clear your thoughts and close your eyes.

- Count your breaths and focus on your deep breathing. Don't allow any negative thoughts while you are doing this.  

2) Pranayam -

Pranayama is one of the best ways to make your lungs feel like a young person's.

All you have to do is -

- Sit in a Yoga position.

- Keep your posture strong and nice.

- Relax all your muscles.

- Use tie fingers to do this yoga practice.

- When you breathe from one nostril, close the other and vice versa. 

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