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As much as parenting seems beautiful, it is sometimes nerve-wracking. While kids grow, parents have to be patient with them. Remember that children are the most innocent beings on earth and it is essential to safeguard them at all costs. Their innocence can lure human monsters to attack them. The world can be a cruel place for innocent people. 

As parents, your worries grow when your child grows. From tackling bad habits to protecting them from danger, you must do it with immense patience. No doubt parents are superheroes, but there are some circumstances when you might not be present, and your child will be in somebody else's hand. As parents, you must be prepared for such situations and know how to empower your child to avoid such danger. The cases of sexual abuse and rape are increasing at an alarming rate worldwide. It becomes vital for parents to keep an eye on their little ones as there can be someone around them trying to take advantage of them in disguise. Sexual abuse in children can leave terrifying scars on their minds for the rest of their life. 

Children who are victims of sexual abuse tend to have PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) or another mental health disease. The only way to avoid danger to your child is to make them aware of the dangers. Parents must understand that the world is not a fairytale where you can let strangers take care of your child. Known people commit the majority of child sexual abuse offenses, people from the family, neighbors, friends, teachers, etc. As humans, you can't control the world, but you can stop sexual assault from occurring by teaching your child about good and bad touch. 

Before you begin teaching your child about good and bad touches, you must understand there is nothing to be uncomfortable about. To protect your child from getting into filthy hands, you have to become your child's boon companion. 

3 Top ways to teach your child about good and bad touch.

1) Education of ownership - As parents of a growing infant, you must teach your child that they own their body. They are entitled to their body and have the right to say no if they don't like anything. Teach your child how to say no. For instance - If your child doesn't like being hugged or kissed by a specific person, teach the child to say no.

2) Be real - Don't give nicknames to the body part. Let the kids learn about body parts. Educate your kids about body parts with their scientific names. Teach your child that it's not ok to be touched on private parts or anywhere in the body if uncomfortable. 

3) Play an act - You may educate your child on millions of things, but it is often frightening when the incident occurs. Your child might be unable to say no when the offender touches your child with the wrong intention. That's why it is essential to show your child what can be considered a bad touch by playing an act with them. As parents, you have all right to show your child by placing your hands on their body and indicating that this is a bad touch and what they should do to stop it.


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