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When India heard about Bharti Singh Losing Weight, it was almost like suddenly everyone was blown away. Suddenly everyone wanted to know about her fitness expert, her diet, her weight loss exercises and whatnot. We have observed similar patterns of curiosity around Sara Ali Khan, her weight loss exercises, Milind Soman’s diet, and other celebs’ health and fitness hacks.

Most experts are unanimous in the opinion that every individual has a unique body type, and hence their fitness planners and their fitness goals look very different from each other. All good fitness experts and trainers take into account the age, body type, body weight, health conditions, and lifestyle before they set any fitness goals for a beginner.

However, there are some common patterns that trainers around the globe follow. They categorize most exercises into 4 major categories:

1. Endurance-related exercises – These are commonly also known as aerobic exercises, they tend to increase your heart rate, pulse, and breathing. They especially work wonders for the heart, lungs, blood vessels and circulatory system. Walks, CrossFit, jogging, cycling, dancing, swimming, basketball, tennis, and climbing, are all such exercises that are good for building endurance.

2. Strength-related exercises – These exercises are really important, especially in the longer run. Muscular strength allows one to stay independent and functional when it truly matters. Since we do not use so many muscles on a daily basis, gradually they weaken. If we can work on them, they not only help with better balance but also save us from falls and injuries. These exercises are also called ‘resistance training’ and people may or may not use extra weights for these exercises.

3. Balance-related exercises – These exercises are usually slow, but they need you to be careful, and consistent. They help you work on your body balance, again a useful thing as our bodies age. Many lower-body strength exercises also improve balance.

4. Stretching and flexibility-related exercises – These exercises are important because they prevent muscle tears when you bend, look over your shoulder, or end up making a jerky movement. Yoga is one of the most well-known examples of the same.

All said and done, all of these exercises have to be combined for the most effective results related to health and fitness. Experts emphasize basic precautions like:

  • Warmups help in preventing exercise-related injuries.

  • Drinking sufficient water saves you from issues like fatigue and dehydration.

  • Do not overexert yourself in health conditions like joint issues, any existing cardiovascular disorders, high blood pressure etc. Consult a doctor about what you can and cannot do.

  • Take proper rest. Without sufficient rest and sleep, as well as break days, exercise can backfire, especially if you’re into HHIT, strength, muscle building or other intense forms of workout.

  • Combine exercise with a properly balanced and nutritious diet to gain maximum benefits from it. To know more about how diet can affect fitness, read here.

To summarize, no matter what exercise routine you create for yourself, consistency and balance are always going to be the key factor in creating transformational health and fitness results for you.





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