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Pregnancy can be bittersweet. As a mother, you must go through a lot emotionally and physically. No award or recognition is enough to honour the sacrifices and pain of mothers. As much as pregnancy sounds pleasant and joyful, sometimes it is not. With pregnancy comes an emotional roller coaster. One of the biggest complications many new moms face is - their bodies. 

After having a huge baby bump, it almost seems impossible to get back in shape. While some new moms struggle with Postpartum depression, self-doubt becomes even worse. The amount of exhaustion a woman's body goes through during delivery, during the entire pregnancy is enormous. However, it is pretty normal for women to feel bad about themselves. 

Remember, a woman who has just delivered a baby is a Queen who needs to be hailed. And if you are that, you don't need to worry; you will be back on track soon. Give yourself the time you deserve. You have just brought life into this magnificent world. You deserve a little treat and a break. Do not stress yourself with weight stress and body image issues. Once you are mentally on the mission for a healthy life, then proceed with a positive mindset. 

Given below are the tips you can use after your pregnancy to lose weight -

1) Stress buster - You might not know how much your stress contributes to weight gain. So, give yourself some time while you are in this fragile circumstance. Besides handling your baby, make sure to do the things you love and reduce your stress. 

2) No crash diets - After pregnancy, you may be desperate to shed some pounds and might do some maniac crack diets. But you must remember that you are breastfeeding and your body requires good nutrients. Make sure each is healthy and good. Crash diets will only make you gain more weight if you abruptly stop doing them.

3) Cut down cravings - Even after pregnancy, you may crave many things, especially sweets. Try and avoid all the junk food; it is not only bad for you but for your baby too. Also, your body will be susceptible now, so if you eat spicy chips or something, you may get severe chest burns and acidity. Plus, the oil and spice add up to the weight 

4) Go walking - If you are trying to lose weight after pregnancy, don't go extreme with workouts. Make sure to work out lightly but consistently. You can go for evening walks, to a laughing club, etc. 

5) Set realistic goals - Don't be harsh on yourself. Make sure to keep realistic weight goals. Remember, you can't lose all that baby weight in just one week, so go slow but be powerful & consistent. 

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