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Becoming a father is an enchanting experience. Fathers are superheroes who go out of their way to keep their kids cheerful. As fathers are the backbone of the family, they play a significant role in their child's life. New fathers during pregnancy can be perplexed due to the challenging events they encounter that they might have never seen before. Pregnancy journeys can be difficult for new dads to understand, but they naturally care for the newborn once the baby arrives.

If you are a pregnant mom, it can be a bittersweet experience as people would frequently rub their hands on your belly. But what about the dads-to-be? Dads play a vital role in bonding with the unborn baby. Pregnancy symptoms can be infuriating. Moms-to-be go through a roller coaster of emotions during pregnancy, but their partner can relax them with care and affection. 

Things dads-to-be should consider doing during pregnancy: 

1) Physical activity - Pregnancy is a delicate phase and should be embraced with care. Moms-to-be are not supposed to do any intense physical activity. But with the help of your partner, you can take short and slow walks as it can reduce complications during pregnancy, enhance mood, and much more. While walking, tell the baby how beautiful nature is and describe everything. For instance, how birds chirp, the sunlight is so bright, the breeze is so cool, etc. In a nutshell, talk positive things as it keeps the baby and the mother in a joyous mood. 

2) Emotions - Moms-to-be face many obstacles; the famous culprit is mood swings. As there are drastic hormonal changes in a woman's body during pregnancy, moms-to-be face heavy mood swings such as being happy, sad, frustrated, etc. Dads-to-be are supposed to be patient with their partner, as mood changes are completely normal during pregnancy. Dads-to-be should engage with their partner, acknowledge their emotions and do an activity that helps calm their apprehension.

3) Medical assistance - Dads-to-be should accompany their partner on every crucial occasion, such as medical checkups, ultrasound appointments, etc. It keeps the moms-to-be calm during medical checkups. 

4) Bonding with the unborn - As babies can sense the touch of anyone, dads-to-be can gently rub the belly of their partner. While rubbing the belly, they should speak to their unborn child about how beautiful the world is outside, how excited they are to welcome the little one, etc. Reporting everything daily to your unborn can build an everlasting bond between the father and the child. 

- Gently massage mom's belly for your child to recognize your touch. 

- Read positive short stories to your unborn baby. 

- Listen to spiritual/calming songs.

- Keep the mom happy. The baby will be happy if the child’s mother is satisfied.



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