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Top 5 reasons why you should seek premarital counseling before you get married.

Marriage is one of the important life event, especially in India. Whether you're the one getting married or someone close to you, it's essential to create a solid foundation for the life that's about to come. In this regard, our experts suggest that premarital counseling has a lot of benefits for the couple who is about to get married.

It helps you lay a strong foundation before and after marriage. If premarital counseling has yet to be on your list of questions to ask before marriage, then it's time to understand how it can help the new couple. 

Advantages of professional support:

Most premarital counselors are trained therapists and counselors. They have expertise in helping you navigate the complexities of your life roles before and after marriage. They can help you look at things objectively and find any blind spots you and your partner might have.

Constructive Communication:

Another advantage of seeking premarital counseling is to learn effective communication. Given that many couples get married to partners their parents and family have chosen, it can be challenging to communicate their positions on critical issues before marriage in a constructive, healthy, non-toxic fashion.

Covering all bases:

Professional counselors can help you discuss 100 questions to ask before marriage. What we mean is that professionals know that some questions can be uncomfortable. Questions and discussions about sex, finance, relationships before marriage, etc., can get tricky. A professional can share many perspectives regarding such subjects and help you and your partner develop a healthy attitude towards these subjects after marriage.

Eliminating dysfunctionality:

Premarital counseling can help identify a partnership's dysfunctional behaviours, fears, insecurities and potentially troublesome patterns. An expert can also help you correct these behaviors. They also give you long-term tools that you can use to deal with these patterns before and after marriage.

Developing a solid bonding and decision-making process:

Most importantly, premarital counseling before marriage helps you identify each other's strengths as well. As a result, you can plan and come to agreements about decision-making better. You and your partner can develop healthy and respectful decision-making choices.

To some people, marriage can seem scary. However, if you're prepared and can communicate honestly and respectfully with each other, it can work very smoothly. Add premarital counseling with an excellent expert to the list of things to try before marriage, no matter how unconventional this might sound. You will be able to create a solid foundation for a successful, long and happy marriage.


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