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In the early stages of a live-in relationship, everything seems jovial. It seems that love is in the air but when the time passes, it feels like the love bubble is gradually exploding. If you wonder how one can maintain the spark in a live-in relationship? Read till the end. 

A live-in relationship is when two individuals cohabitate under one roof without officially getting married. Even though this live-in relationship is a hot topic for discussion in India, people opt for it, especially people living in urban areas. But as time passes, the love and enthusiasm seem to fade away. There is more room for arguments than compassion. What should you do in such a situation? 

Make efforts. If you wish to keep your live-in relationship evergreen and blooming with love, make an effort. Below are the top six ways to strengthen your bond in a live-in relationship. 

1) Hark your partner's emotional calls - When you start living with your partner, you tend to become used to them. In your daily chores, you may turn a blind eye to their emotional calls. They might feel drained or shattered, you being their partner, it is your duty to understand their emotions and give them a shoulder to rely on. 

2) Words of affection - After a few months/years of living together, you might not feel the need to act formally and say things like "sorry," " thank you," "had lunch," etc. But remember, it is essential to show affection no matter how old your relationship becomes. Words of affection are small tokens of love. 

3) Lend a helping hand - There can be times when your partner must be exhausted due to work or other reasons. They might need your help but hesitate to ask for your assistance. Before they ask you for help, you offer them a helping hand. For instance - Helping them with their work, giving them a nice massage, doing their chores, doing the activities in their responsibility bucket, etc. 

4) A touch of love - A relationship is not just about sex. It can also be about physical intimacy. Physical intimacy entails hugging, stroking hair, kissing, holding hands, etc. A touch of love can do magic when things aren't going well. It ignites the spark in the relationship and enables you and your partner to feel the sweet, birdy love again. 

5) Random act of compassion - To strengthen your bond in a live-in relationship with your partner. You can do some things that matter the most. For instance - If you come home early from the office, you can set up a candlelight dinner, bake a dessert, book a movie night and much more. 

6) Signature rituals - Relationships can be beyond husband-wife and girlfriend-boyfriend relations. Before you step into a live-in relationship, you must understand that you will be a couple and each other's best buddies. Create a ritual that only you both know and only you both participate in. For instance - Saturdays will be painting day/sports day. Sunday nights are going to be long-drive nights. 

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