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In today's time, when people constantly rush to achieve more, people dig a stress hole for themselves. It is essential to understand that while achieving success is necessary, a stress-free mind is also critical. Have you ever wondered what makes you a night owl? Well, your stressful day makes you a night owl. The stress that you carry throughout the day contributes to sleepless nights. Keeping a healthy sleeping pattern is vital to keeping your body healthy and active. You may know how sleep plays a role in your health but everything in your body is related to sleep and vice versa. 

What is Insomnia?

Insomnia is a condition when a person deals with habitual sleeplessness. There are numerous reasons why Insomnia occurs and all the reasons revolve around stress. For instance - anxiety disorder, depression, neurological problems, irregular sleep schedules, physical illness, etc. However, if not medically, you can try to improve your Insomnia condition by performing sleep meditation. 

Back in time, precisely a few decades ago, spiritual Gurus used to meditate and perform Yoga. Our health and positivity are nothing compared to what they had back in those days. This divine person used to do breathing exercises, chakra meditation, morning meditation and whatnot. They did know the power of meditation in human lives. However, this method can be used even in today's time to eliminate agitating conditions like Insomnia. Insomnia can be exhausting and irritating. Imagine when you are exhausted and need good sleep but your sleep disappears when you lay down on a bed. All of this irritation can majorly impact your daily performance. However, you can get your beauty sleep by practicing sleep meditation. 

All you have to do is - 

Course & Perform: You can take a guided sleep meditation course or watch some videos. A trained sleep meditation helps eliminate negative thoughts and vibes before bed. 

Breathing exercise: Before sleeping, you can count as you breathe in and out. It allows your body to pace down and the brain sends a signal to the body that it is time to sleep. 

Gratitude: Before you go to sleep. Try to sit in a meditation position, close your eyes and count your blessings—things about all the good and happy memories. If you struggle to think about good memories, don't force yourself. You can continue by thanking the Lord for the blessings you have. Think about how wonderful this life is, how fascinating nature's beauty is, how grateful you are for your loved ones, etc. 

Meditation music: Listening to peaceful meditation music like nature's sounds or other quiet times helps calm your mind and encourage your body to rest. Rest in the Shavasana pose, close your eyes, clear your mind and listen to meditation music. 

Visualization: This meditative method is used for Hypnosis too. When you lie down, visualize beautiful scenery. It will help your mind relax and you will be able to sleep well. 

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