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Spirituality manifests differently for everyone. As a result, there are many myths floating around regarding spirituality. There are the usual ones around Spirituality and Religion, those around Spirituality and Philosophy, Spirituality and Science. However, there are also some specific ones that make people question the entire spectrum of experiencing something beyond just their bodies. Most of these are just myths, but we decided to bust some common ones for you:

1.       Spirituality is in conflict with materialism and pleasure.

No. Spirituality is about being mindful and responsible about what you have, and what you enjoy. It’s about having material possessions that make your life more meaningful. It’s not about denouncing it all.

2.       Spirituality cannot be practised without the idea of God.

That’s ‘theism’. That’s the philosophy which has a belief ‘There is a God’. Not spiritual practices talk of God. Not all religions talk of God for that matter. You do not need to believe in a God in order to be spiritual.

3.       Spirituality cannot be practised alone 

Not true! Spirituality is about empowerment, awareness, and mindfulness. People practice in groups, sure. Some groups are larger than others, of course. However, there are so many modalities of creating your own spiritual practice, even if you’re not a part of any of these groups.

4.       Everything is love, light, and joy. There’s no evil in the world.

Not true again. Spirituality is not about denial. It is about accepting the yin and the yang, the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, the joy and the sorrow, all alike. The key is in embracing it all and using the good to practise kindness and gratitude. 

5.        Meditate, meditate, meditate, day and night.

Absolutely not! In fact, most spiritual modalities talk about the potential pitfalls of over-meditating. They speak of making spirituality a part of your everyday life. Not everyone is meant to be a renunciate. Not everyone wants that. In fact, people seek solace in spiritual journeys, in order to find balance. Obviously, you can’t find that in meditating all the time.

6.       It’s not for people who are sexual or special.

This is one of the most common myths. A myth that also impacts most seekers at a personal level. Spirituality is not about controlling your sexuality. It is about being mindful, responsible, and grateful. Some of the seekers actually combine their spiritual and sexual practices with their partner/s. So, don’t let anyone tell you that spirituality means forced celibacy.

As against what’s commonly understood, spirituality and religion are not the same. It is not meant only for people who are older, sad, miserable, celibate, poor, or serious. Spirituality is about living your life to the fullest, joyfully, responsibly, and in a self-aware manner. In fact, that’s why it has become important in modern life.






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