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Have you ever wondered why medical experts and fitness influencers encourage you to exercise and eat fit? It is because everything is a cycle. What you become is what you eat. Did you know? India has the second-highest ratio of diabetes and is home to 77 million diabetics. If you continue to eat unhealthy food with zero exercise, your body will start giving up. While regular physical activity helps to boost your endurance and muscles, on the other hand, eating fit helps build good bacteria and shield gut health. 

Have you ever wondered how, back in the time, people were muscular and lived longer? It is because there was no junk food, digital technology, mobile phones and laptops, and clubs. In those days, precisely a few decades ago, people didn't have access to junk food and there was no such thing as cheese. People were physically active as they had to go to the farm. Due to the lack of transportation, people would walk to cover the distance; even at snack time, people used to eat healthy alternatives such as channa, puffed rice, peanuts, fruits, cucumber, etc. 

The Indian diet is full of nutrients. If you eat it thoughtfully by balancing out the food items, your meal is the perfect meal to keep you healthy and fit. However, various types of pollution are powerful enough to weaken your immune system; that's why it is vital to keep your health intact. 

Tips on how to embrace your body by living a healthy lifestyle - 

1) Track your meals - People need to pay more attention to their health on a tight schedule. Remember, every meal matters and every movement matters. If you ever feel like skipping your meal, remember that food is our fuel and without fuel, our body won't function. Eating at the right time helps your body fuel up efficiently. You can only expect to perform better throughout the day if you eat a nutrient-packed breakfast. 

2) Exercise through daily chores - Sometimes, when you think about working out, your brain immediately starts procrastinating. Instead, you can add physical activities to your daily tasks. For instance - You can ditch mops and start doing pocha in Indian style. When you sit in a squatting position and move your arms in a circulation position to get the dirt out from every nook of the corner, it cleans your room perfectly and helps you stay fit. 

3) Mental Fitness - Fitness is not just about physical health but mental health too. It is essential to keep your physical health intact, but it is also vital to protect your mental health. In the commotion of city and work life, your brain tends to get tired, and all that tiredness piles up and explodes altogether through a mental breakdown or other signs of mental health issues. You can try meditation, yoga, or activities like painting, puzzling, or gardening to vent your frustration. It will distract your mind from apprehension and soothe your brain. 

4) Don't consume poison - The amount of toxic components that go into your body via smoking and drinking is no less than poison. Smoking and drinking alcohol act like a slow poison in your body. While young, you may enjoy these things but gradually start showing their toxic consequences. If you are a heavy drinker or a chain smoker and desperately wish to embark on a healthy lifestyle, you can find a better alternative. For instance - When you get an urge to drink alcohol, make yourself a warm cup of green tea. This will not only satiate your urge, but green tea will also release the toxins from your body and every time you get an urge to smoke, put a piece of clove in your mouth and out your breath till 10. 

We hope this article helps you stay healthy and fit. You can also check out our other articles if you wish to read such informative articles. 


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