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Depression, anxiety and stress are one of the biggest culprits that diminish the beauty of life. Every day the number of people witnessing signs of mental illness is rising. In today's era, where everything is moving fast, we tend to shut our inner voices and fail to acknowledge our imprisoned emotions. The plethora of caged emotions gradually becomes the root cause of depression and anxiety. 

There are various types of mental illness and plenty of mental health counselors help patients. However, sometimes you feel like trying to heal on your own. Depression is a battle, not with yourself but with your caged emotions. There are various reasons why depression occurs. But one of the significant reasons is everyday burn-outs and immense stress. If you wish to heal on your own and make changes in your lifestyle that would cure your depression, then you must try Aromatherapy. 

What is Aromatherapy? 

Aromatherapy is a holistic healing technique that uses aromatic materials like essential oils, natural plant extracts, etc. Although there is not enough scientific reason, according to some experts, Aromatherapy helps with depression because it activates the smell receptors. Smell receptors in your nose signal your brain whenever it comes in contact with any smell. 

This way, the soothing aroma reaches your brain, signaling it to calm down. 

Also another reason why Aromatherapy helps with depression is that it makes you feel clean. You may have seen in movies how depressed person lives. When depressed, they lack the motivation to do even the bare minimum, such as folding clothes, bathing, cleaning, etc. But when you activate aroma in your room, you tend to feel active and fresh. Abruptly, you start feeling optimistic. 

Top 5 ways to do Aromatherapy. 

1) Diffusers

2) Body oils

3) Facial Steamers

4) Bathing salts

5) Inhalers 

Which essential oil or flavor is the best for Aromatherapy? 

1) Lemongrass oil - The aroma of lemongrass helps in beating Insomnia and encourages a good night's sleep. 

2) Peppermint oil - Peppermint oil helps in relieving headaches. 

3) Lavender oil - Lavender oil is one of the best and most recommended essential oils to cure stress or depression. The majority of the spas use Lavender oils. It helps in diminishing stress, anxiety and depression. 

Moreover, Aromatherapy is safe for all; however, one must not completely rely on it and get addicted to any substances. Also, check if you are allergic to something before applying or using any product. 

We hope you feel better with Aromatherapy.

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