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Regardless of how live-in relationships are pursued in India, some couples break the stereotype by moving in together. In Indian society, a live-in relationship has always been considered a disgrace. 

Now that the live-in term is trending worldwide, many couples are opting for live-in relationships in India. However, before you step into a live-in relationship, there are a few things you must have concrete answers for. A live-in relationship is when a couple lives together without getting married. There are countless reasons why couples opt for a live-in relationship, such as being unable to manage long-distance relationships, to know one another before marriage, to see what it will be like after marriage, for physical intimacy, to save rent money and much more. 

Moving in with your partner is the biggest responsibility. You both have to adhere to each other in thick and thin times. It's better to be on clear terms when making big decisions. Have you ever wondered what the questions you should ask before a live-in relationship are? Worry no more. 

Below are the questions you can ask your partner before you embark on a live-in relationship. 

But remember, if you don't agree with these questions immediately, it doesn't mean there is no room for love anymore and you should dump your partner. These questions are provided only to build clarity in your relationship. 

1) What was your relationship with your ex-partner, if you had any?

Hark when they speak about their ex. Pay attention to every little piece of information your partner bursts out. Try and understand how they were with their ex-partners. If you sense any toxic traits, you should hold your decision to move in together. If they used to interrogate their partners persistently, you would have to question your decision. 

2) What is your family's perception of live-in relationships?

Make sure to ask this question before stepping into a live-in relationship to avoid any turmoil or family disputes in the future. You will not want your partner to get beaten up or humiliated by your family. 

3) Who will take care of the finances?

As mentioned earlier, a live-in relationship is full of responsibilities. It is no less than marriage. You will have to take charge of finance, groceries, security and much more. While some couples are content with handing over their financial accessibility to their partner, others like to slip the financial responsibility. So, before you move in with your partner, ensure you know who will pay for what. For instance - If you decide and your partner decides that you will be paying for electricity bills and your partner will be paying for water pills, there will be less turmoil & conflict in the relationship. 

4) Should we create a joint bank account?

Some couples want financial liberty, and some wish to have a joint bank account to track each other's expenses and income better. Make sure to ask your partner what they prefer. 

5) Who will take up the household chores?

A live-in relationship is not just about paying rent and living together happily ever after. It entails every minor household activity, from cooking to cleaning to everything. Before you move in with your partner, ask who will do the dishes, if you will hire a helper, who will cook, etc. This is an important question so that all these responsibilities will stay on your shoulders.

6) Do you or your family have any criminal background?

This question may sound offensive to some people, but responsible individuals won't mind. When you ask this question, it is for your security. 

7) Do you have any mental health issues? 

It is vital to check your partner's mental status. They might not be mentally stable and you wouldn't know. It is essential to ask them if they have observed any signs of mental illness. This is a vital question to ask your partner because you will be majorly affected if they ever do anything to harm you or themselves in the future. 

8) How do you cope with rejection?

While asking this question, pay attention to what they say or how they react. If they react aggressively, you should give your decision sometime. Because there will be circumstances in the future where you will disapprove of something and you could be a victim of emotional, physical or verbal abuse. 

9) Which house location to finalize?

Make sure you equally participate in house-related decisions as your partner. The house location should be close to your office and your partner's. Be a team and discuss every bit of your dream house. From the color of your living to the decor, learn what your partner is allured about. 

10) What are your sexual expectation?

This question will allow you to learn how often your partner expects physical intimacy. It is essential to be clear on this term because there will be times when you will not be in a mood and they will be. This develops insecurity, attraction toward others, misunderstanding, etc. 

We hope this article was helpful to you. Check out our other blogs to read more about live-in relationships.



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