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When you hear the word marriage, what pops into your mind? A bride and a groom getting married? Well, in today's era, things are pretty odd. People in today's time are creative and don't fail to entertain the world. Isn't it enthralling when you hear someone marrying a doll? You may be wondering if this is a joke, but guess what? It is not. 

You may have the word sologamy or self-marriage. If not, it is a term used when people willingly marry themselves. However, you will be surprised to know that there are people from different corners of the world who got married to absolutely unusual things. 

Top 5 bizarre things people got married to - 

1) Eiffel Tower love - An American woman, Labrie, married Eiffel Tower in a commitment ceremony in Paris. She's in her 50s and bored from the relationship with the Eiffel Tower and now is attracted to the fence.

2) Pizza bae - A Russian man had had enough of his boring singlehood life and as he felt the love baking between him and the pizza, he decided to get married. As much as it sounds hysterical, we wonder if it would be considered cheating if he eats from Mcdonald's. 🤭

3) Fictional love - A Japanese man, Akihiko Kondo, married a hologram, a fictional character Hatsune Miku. But he is having trouble connecting with his wife due to a technical glitch. Well, it's not entirely his fault; Anime characters are mesmerizing, but getting married to a hologram? Ummm, that's a big no!!

 4) Burrito bride - David Sikorski from San Francisco fell in love with a burrito and decided to marry one.

5) Stoned Love - Tracey Emin, an artist, got married to a stone in the garden of her house in the south of France. If she was ever to get kidnapped, she could at least throw her husband on the kidnappers. Power move!! 😎

This was just a short list of bizarre things people are married to. If you enjoyed reading this article, check out our other Forums.



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