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Fitness is always a headache!! If this is your reaction when someone asks you about your fitness goals, then this article is definitely for you. How often do you feel like pulling up your socks, tying your shoelaces and running like Usain Bolt? But don't feel motivated enough to do so. Well, you are not alone. The shackles of procrastination cage many people. All you have to do is break free. Remember, you can only obtain a healthy body if you step out of your comfort zone. 

The reason why you are not able to achieve your fitness goals could be your self-defeating procrastination. However, your search history will be full of fitness goals for beginners, how to get fit, how to work out, etc. Yet you can only achieve those goals because of your adamant procrastinating habit. Remember, procrastination invites failure. Every time you can not do something, you lose an opportunity. 

There could be numerous reasons why you procrastinate. They are as follows -

1) Not motivated enough - When you are not dedicated to fitness or have any definite purpose, you tend to lose interest quickly. 

2) Depression - Depression could be the primary reason you make excuses to pop your comfort bubble. It can make you feel dull and dispassionate all the time. Mental health issues are real, and so is procrastination can be due to depression.

3) Lethargic - Many people procrastinate because they are burned out. Burnout is when one lacks energy or energy to do anything. 

4) Self-protection - Self-protection is the deep-rooted problem of why people procrastinate. People procrastinate and repudiate the opportunity to protect themselves from failure or danger.

How can you kick away procrastination to stay fit? 

1) Stop comparing - One of the people's biggest problems is comparing themselves with others' success. When you compare yourself with others' fitness goals, you force yourself to live like them. You need to remember that every individual's bodies have different requirements. For instance - when your friend loses weight, you start doing crash dieting but end up falling ill because your body might have a nutrient deficiency, but your friend might not.  

2) Take baby steps - Set a fitness goal for beginners. Stay moderate with your fitness activities. Start slow and stay consistent. Gradually, day by day, increase your pace. This way, you will prepare your body for what's coming. 

3) Count - The best way to make decisions is to count. When you are required to make a decision, calculate its benefits and disadvantages. If the benefits are high, you better move and be a go-getter. For instance - When you set the alarm to wake up in the morning. You get up early to snooze the alarm because you are slightly sleepy. That's when your brain tries to trick you. This is when you start procrastinating if you should go to the gym. Within 20 seconds count, the advantages of you going out to the gym and sleeping extra hours. If you feel the number of benefits is high. You better tie your shoelace and get your aspired healthy lifestyle. 

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