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People are busy with work Chaos, family chaos and fighting their devils. Even though living in a highly advanced era is a blessing, it has plenty of cons. One of the most significant drawbacks is not having mental peace. Back in the time, have you ever what made people stay so calm and love their work? Less competition. Back in the day, there was less competition and high work efficiency. 

Living in a competitive world, it is evident that people will have mental strains. Almost every second, people get diagnosed with mental illness worldwide. It's not that people in old times didn't have a mental illness, they had a mental illness, but that ratio was much less than today. However, to overcome mental illness, there are plenty of options apart from medical therapies. You can do spiritual treatments to relieve your stress and feel better. Everyone aspires tranquility, and to achieve that, you have to stay consistent with whatever practices you do. Be it medical therapies or spiritual practices; you have to do it wholeheartedly to get the best outcomes. 

One of the famous therapies is sound healing therapy for depression. 

Sound healing therapy is where a trainer helps ease an individual using musical aspects.

How does sound healing therapy work?

Music or sound has a particular frequency that causes vibration; when you hear or feel those vibrations, your senses activate. When the sound reaches our ears, the sound waves get converted into electrical signals that travel up to the auditory nerve and into the auditory cortex. Eventually, your mind calms down and you feel relaxed.  

What are the different instruments used for sound healing therapy? 

1) Tuning Forks - This device vibrates when struck to give a note of a specific pitch. When practitioners place tuning forks, it produces vibration at an exact wavelength. 

2) Tongue Drums - This instrument not only looks fantastic, but it also sounds spectacular. Hitting a tongue drum at different velocities generates different sounds. 

3) Tibetian Singing Bowls - Tibetian bowls are one of the sought-after instruments for sound healing. These instruments have been used for centuries by Tibetian Monks. This instrument is popular because it is easy to use. All you have to do is hold the bowl in one hand and from the other hand, keep the mallet and strike it lightly on the bowl. The sound of a Tibetan singing bowl opens your heart chakra. 

4) Crystal singing Bowls - Crystal singing bowls are very similar to Tibetan. The only difference is Crystal singing bowl is made up of crystal. The Tibetan singing bowl is made up of 5 to 7 precious metals which are connected to planets of our galaxy, such as - Lead (Saturn), Mercury (Mercury), Copper (Venus), Tin (Jupiter), Iron (Mars), etc. 

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