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To be fit or to be slim seems similar to some people. However, it is quite different. Being thin and slim is stereotypically considered a sign of beauty. Many people do crash diets and excessive workouts to shed a few extra pounds to look more attractive. You may have seen a breathtaking photo of a model and aspired to have a body like theirs. You may have started a hardcore workout routine to be like them. But after some time of doing hardcore workouts and crash diets, you may have gained extra pounds or fallen sick. Well, this is a sign that one should never force their body. Having a role model/motivation to stay fit is different; following their diets & routine is different, but becoming them is impossible. You must understand that all bodies are other and everybody has an additional requirement.

People need to sink this information because being thin and fit are poles apart. Especially in India, people are obsessed with slender bodies and would do anything to be skinny. However, losing weight dramatically and enormously in a short period is bad for you now and in the future. Your organs may get severely damaged and shut down gradually. You may not realise how one decision impacts your body, but it does. Before you understand how to lose weight or about weight loss exercises, let's know the difference between being fit and slim. 

Being healthy or living a healthy lifestyle is more than shedding a few pounds. It is about nourishing your body with the proper nutrients and regular impactful exercises. And on the other hand, being slim means focusing on weight loss to look and feel attractive. To lose weight, people deprive themselves of eating good food; people starve. People do crash diets, liquid diets and many other diets with hardcore workouts. 

What are the easy weight loss exercises?

Those who aspire to have toned bodies or be in healthy shape should eat well to be in a calorie deficit and work out right. However, one must note that this is a lifestyle and only once you fit in your favourite lehenga or suit. 

1) Jogging - Jogging is believed to be a metabolism enhancer. Thirty minutes of jogging can burn between 200-300 calories. 

2) Bicycling - You can burn at least 280 - 300 calories in 60 minutes. Bicycling helps in burning off your stomach fat and improves your digestion. It also helps in building calf and arm muscles. 

3) Swimming - You may need to realise how many calories you burn while you enjoy a nice swim. Swimming is one of the efficient ways to keep your body healthy, toned and in shape.

4) Power walking - Even if you add 30 minutes to your daily routine, you will see the desired results soon. Also, it is suitable for digestion.

5) Aerobics - It helps in reducing fats and increases your muscular endurance. Doing aerobics regularly will burn more calories from your body. 

Remember to love yourself the way you are because outer beauty may fade, but inner beauty stays. And your body is magic, don't waste it. Commence your healthy journey for a healthy life. 

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