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Parenting is god's blessing. It is an enthralling feeling that one can't describe in words. Honestly, words don't do justice to how beautiful the pregnancy journey is for new parents. Pregnancy is full of ups and downs and thick and thin. It is about feeling unique to feeling nothing. Women's bodies change dramatically in many ways. A pregnant woman goes through a lot mentally and physically, which can be overwhelming sometimes. However, as much as pregnancy seems beautiful, it can be challenging.

You might have felt very low during or after your pregnancy, but you don't know what it was. You may have thought you are not a good mother because you are constantly irritated after giving birth, but the reality is different. Before you understand what could be wrong with you, you need to accept that you are a good mother regardless of how you feel. Feeling a little low during or after pregnancy is normal because there are a lot of hormonal fluctuations. Controlling your hormones is not in your power, so let's not focus on it. Sometimes things are way beyond just being in a mood after pregnancy. You may have baby blues. As much as it sounds adorable, it is not quite cute. 

What is baby blue? 

Baby blue is a feeling of sadness and irritation after giving birth. It may stay for a week or two. However, this happens to almost every new parent. It is a little intimidating for a new parent to welcome a new family member when the hormones are taking a huge toll on them. Baby blues after pregnancy is quite normal and usually go on their own. However, if you still feel sad after two weeks, you should inform your healthcare provider. Because if it doesn't cure on its own, at least they can examine you for postpartum depression. After delivery, the amount of progesterone and estrogen suddenly decreases in your body, causing mood swings. The hormonal changes after or during pregnancy cause Baby Blues. 

Can your partner have Baby Blues? 

Baby blues is not just limited to new moms; it can happen to new fathers too. Your partner may also show Baby Blues symptoms in the first few months after delivery. Baby Blues symptoms can be feeling anxious, sad & angry, having less or no interest in hobbies, feeling or non-attachment to the baby, frustration, crying endlessly and much more. 

How to tackle Baby Blues? 

Baby Blues usually gets cured on their own and do not need any treatment. However, if things get worse, such as your feelings making your everyday life hectic or you feel like hurting yourself, you must visit the medical experts. 

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