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Many married couples and even members of society think you likely bid your social life a fond farewell once you begin working. Your only source of fun is your Chai breaks with your coworker or the company-sponsored corporate dinners/ team-building getaways. 

Even during weekends, there's always a sense of uncertainty and anxiety about surprise and urgent requests from the boss or manager. This stops people from enjoying quality time with family when they get some free time.

But with smartphones and the latest inventions, staying away from work even when you're not working is extremely tiring and exhaustive. It has seriously affected work-life balance, with stress-related disorders on the rise. Are there any jobs that still help you maintain that work-life balance? Yes, many jobs & roles offer excellent work-life balance and amazing pay packages.

Let us look at some of the coolest careers in India with amazing pay.

Chartered Accountant 

This is your line of work if you've always been strong with numbers. CAs manage the finances of any business, large or small. If you're prepared to put in the necessary effort and persevere through the demanding CA training modules, you can secure a position with a very high salary. 

Merchant Navy 

The merchant navy is among the top-paying professions in India. The Merchant Navy may be the ideal career for you if you have a passion for the vast, huge oceans and a spirit of adventure. This work requires you to spend 6 to 8 months at sea each year, which may be both physically and socially taxing. It is nevertheless one of the highest-paying jobs in India as a result.

Business Analyst 

Business analysts are another well-known non-tech position for new hires in IT organisations. This career allows you to do market research, evaluate the competition and offer the best advice on where to invest and how to continue attracting the ideal customers. This job description provides candidates with a good salary and the opportunity to interact with and learn about various clients.

Digital Marketer

A digital marketing manager is an individual who prepares and creates strategies for the internal and external promotion of the company's goods and services. Online platforms, including Facebook, Google AdWords, LinkedIn, Instagram and others, are used by digital marketers. Marketers/Marketing managers frequently oversee teams and develop the strategy, with input from other professionals like social media marketers, copywriters, graphic designers and content experts.

Data Scientist 

A data scientist manages and organizes an organization's huge data collection. They extract valuable information from the data to inform business decisions that enhance revenue and client interactions. The tremendous increase in demand for data scientists over the past few years is a significant motivator for choosing data science as a career. Given that everything in today's world is data and that knowledge of the science of managing that data is precisely what is needed, the explanation for this should be obvious.

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