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Marriage is when two individuals who want to live together forever, with the help of legal recognition and blessing from their families and friends, commence their marital Journey. How to keep a marriage happy has always been a topic of discussion. In fact, in movies and web series, people joke about how it's better not to get married. Marriage can only become happy if you don't expect it to be a certain way. Marriage is supposed to be like a sky; it should be open and full of fresh air when you two love birds can fly unaided. However, there are times when marriages don't work out. And there are plenty of reasons marriages don't work out in India. When parents educate their children about why they should get to know about their partner before marriage, they are right. 

It can be ridiculous to decide to marry someone only because they earn well or look good. There are several other vital things one must keep in mind before tying the knot. There are so many things you should consider before getting married. Before you get married, one thing you sink into your mind is that there will be fights in your marriage. Marriage is like a roller coaster ride; there will be ups and downs. You must be there with your partner throughout everything. However, some other severe circumstances arise in a marriage that cannot be compromised. 

One of the biggest marital problems in India is - 

1) Spouse agitation - Married people tend to get agitated with their partner's habits. Newly married couples get annoyed with each other because they are newly exposed to something they are not used to. All these little things can create arguments, such as throwing a wet towel on the fresh bed and not cleaning the comb after brushing the hair. However, one must remember that these are life-long habits and it will take time to adjust. 

2) Stereotypical inlaws - Almost everyone knows how inlaws in India are looked up to. There's a preconceived notion about inlaws being adamant and rude. The Saas-Bahu topic is so famous and beloved by Indians that Indian daily soaps only run on showing the bitter relationship between the newlyweds and the inlaws. But in reality, inlaws create a problem for the newlywed and vice versa. 

3) Grudges - Some common marriage issues include holding grudges toward each other. The things that happened in the past might haunt you in your happy marriage. That's why it is essential to resolve those issues then and there. For instance, talking about exes, insecurities, taunting about family disputes and creating incidents can damage the essence of a beautiful marriage. 

4) Toxic behavior - Parents tell their children to know their partner well before getting married to examine their behaviors. In India specifically, men are known for their fragile egos; this can lead to violence in the marriage. However, not only do men have fragile egos; women have them too. Such personalities, obtaining supremacy in a relationship, leads to physical, mental and verbal violence. 

5) Finance monster - Finance is also one of the biggest reason for several complications in Indian marriages. Lack of financial planning leads to marital disputes. The couple must sit together and discuss wealth management for the future. For instance, what will be the financial backup after childbirth? What if any family member gets sick? What should be the types of investment methods, etc.? 

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