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You may have had a Nervous mental breakdown, but some of you may not know its precise definition. Mental health always stands in the last category. Especially in India, mental health is looked upon as a stigma. People hush when talking about mental illnesses because even today, people are shackled with the orthodox mindset. People must realize that Mental Illness is not to be taken lightly. Mental illness affects your mood, thinking and behavior. When the condition reaches its severe point, the outcomes can be life-threatening. 

Mental illness occurs when your brain doesn't function like your other organs. Your body is supposed to work in harmony; if there is any problem in your organs, your body shows symptoms. Causes for mental illnesses include childhood trauma, sexual abuse, abusive relationship, lack of attention & love, and much more. Also, mental illnesses are associated with everyday distress in social and personal life. When you accommodate too much stress in your mind and reach the saturation point, a mental breakdown/ nervous breakdown occurs. 

Humans' bodies can handle more than they should, and that's the beauty and privilege we all have. But when things become extreme, even our bodies start giving up. It starts signaling that something is wrong and you have to cure it. 

How does one feel during a mental breakdown? 

A nervous breakdown/mental breakdown is a term used to describe mental distress. During this period, an individual feels unable to function in their everyday life. Poor coping strategies, work stress, family responsibilities and personal problems can be the prime reason for a mental breakdown. 

What are the signs of mental breakdown? 

1) Feeling anxious, emotional or agitated 

2) Sudden body aches 

3) Trembling and shaking 

4) Insomnia or sleeping too much 

5) Loss of appetite or binge eating 

6) More health problems as stress can weaken the immune system

7) Physically and emotionally drained out 

8) Forgetting important daily activities like bathing and eating

9) Less self-esteem, self-doubt and feeling hopeless

10) Withdrawing from social gatherings

11) Losing interest in the things you once adored 

12) Having Gastro problems 

13) Not having enough energy to speak 

14) Having suicidal thoughts or self-harming 

15) Finding comfort in isolation 

We hope you or anybody who is going through a nervous breakdown overcome the situation. If you feel things are not under your control. It is best recommended to consult a mental health counselor or medical expert. 

And we would like you to remember - Life is worth living. ❤

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