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The majority of women deal with sexual harassment in the workplace. If the workplace is unsafe, how can one work efficiently? There will be a pendulum of danger constantly ringing. Many women deal with sexual harassment in the workplace and sweep it under the rug to save themselves from embarrassment. Also, many women hide these issues, fearing nobody will believe them. Not only sexual harassment but women have to go through gender equality too. 

Sexual harassment can haunt you for life. It adheres to your soul and makes you feel disgusted. There are many sexual harassments at the workplace, survivors who question the accused in the limelight and some who continue to zip it up. Even in the era of enlightenment and justice, women can still not work freely. After sexual harassment, it becomes almost impossible to trust anyone. POSH Act was created to protect women from such sickening incidents. 

What is POSH? 

POSH stands for Prevention Of Sexual Harassment at the workplace. This Act also lays down procedures for a complaint, inquiry and actions to be taken. It mandates every employer having more than ten employees must constitute an ICC (Internal Complaints Committee) to address complaints from women for sexual harassment in a confidential manner. 

Once the ICC Report is filed and the allegations of sexual harassment are proven, ICC recommends the employer take strict action. It suggests that the employer can deduct the salary of the person found guilty. However, compensation can be given based on the five aspects - a) Suffering and emotional distress caused to the woman, b) Her medical expenses, c) Income and financial status of the respondent, d) Loss of a career opportunity and e) Feasibility of payment. 

After the ICC recommendation, the aggrieved woman can appeal to the court within 90 days. 

Moreover, this Act makes it clear that for "mere inability" or "substantiate the complaint or provide adequate proof," actions cannot be taken. 

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