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Shamanism is believed to be one of the oldest spiritual practices on the planet. It traces back to 40-43 thousand years ago. The term shamanism comes from the Manchu-Tungus word šaman.

Shamanism is a religious practice that encompasses Shamans interacting with the spirit through trance or an altered state of consciousness. One of the foremost reasons why Shamanism exists even today is because of its objectives. Shamanism's core reason for existence is to aid human beings. 

The origins of Shamanism sprung from Indigenous people of far northern Europe and Siberia.

Who are shamans?

Shamans are those individuals who act as intermediaries between the natural and supernatural worlds. The role of Shamans is to be mediators and cure illnesses using magic, control spiritual forces and foretell the future. The word Shaman emanates from the Tungus tribe in Siberia. 

Shamanism is perceived as one of the ancient healing methods. It is a healing technique and a way of life for some people. It is a way to ally with nature and the universe. You may not have heard about Shamanism and think this practice might have dissolved in today's extravagant world. You will be astounded that in today's time, Shamanism is becoming quite popular in western countries.

The practice of connecting with the outer world fascinates modern people. Just like any other spiritual practice, Shamanism is rooted in nature too.



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