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Before becoming parents, you read dozens of parenting books and search for guidance to bond with your child better. You tend to take everybody's tiny to extensive advice to avoid complications in your parenting. However, there is no way you can be perfect at parenting. You will make mistakes and naturally, you will learn from your own experience, and at times you will learn it the hard way too. 

One of the everyday things new parents do is pressurise themselves to be good parents, and due to the immense pressure they put on themselves, they tend to change their whole parenting style. And ultimately, whatever they read and listen to before becoming parents goes down the drain. But if you are worried about what should be done to enhance your bond with your child and help them grow in a positive environment, then you should try "Conscious Parenting." 

What is conscious parenting? 

Conscious parenting is a term many psychologists use as a parenting style that entails mindful parenting using your emotional intelligence with a touch of compassion. Conscious parenting deals with parent's behaviour that impacts children's behaviour. 

Vital factors & significance of conscious parenting. 

1) Conscious parenting lets parents look at their inner self and behaviour. 

2) Conscious parenting is a way of letting go of your ego and expectation of how your child should be. 

2) You must consider that even if you are a parent to your child, they are another human being, so let your child be the way they are.

3) Forcing your expectation on your child can develop childhood trauma and other signs of mental illnesses. 

4) Conscious parenting is about how to fix yourself before fixing your child's behaviour. 

5) Your child will try to imitate you, so if you are always angry and judgemental, you will have tough competition in the upcoming years. 

6) Parenting is more than just a responsibility. It is about the pure relationship between mother - father, and children. Don't make it a one-way forceful relationship where you pass commands and expect your child to undertake them.

7) Conscious parenting is named Conscious parenting for a reason. Often, parents come home from work in an agitated state, and sooner or later, children get burnt from the burnout of their parents. This way of parenting encourages you to stop hurling your stress on your child and make yourself aware that your child is not an adult who can comprehend your daily struggles; in fact, they are just little humans who require constant affection & tenderness.

How to become a conscious parent? 

1) Communication is vital - Communication can resolve many things. We understand that parenting can sometimes be a little tiresome, but losing your nerves on a child is not an intelligent choice. When your child does something wrong, make sure to communicate with them rather than hitting/scolding them. It might take some time, but your child will eventually stop doing it. 

2) Crystal Clear Boundaries - Although this "Conscious Parenting" empowers mindful parenting, it doesn't mean children can do whatever they can. However, it tells you that you should encourage your child to act independently, but it also means you should stop your child from doing something wrong.  

Set boundaries and make sure your child doesn't cross them; if they do, teach them why they are not supposed to do what they just did. For instance - You have set rules in your home that eating candies at night is restricted, and if your child sneakily eats them, teach them about the consequences of eating candies at night, such as - Cavity monsters will eat their teeth. This way, they will develop a fear of crossing your boundaries next time and will develop trust in you for saving them. 

3) No parenting through bribes - It's a big No-No if you buy gifts & chocolates for your child to make them listen to you. Eventually, they will grow up being spoiled brats. Remember, discipline cannot be bought through transactions.

4) Be conscious about your triggers - If you are a clean freak, the mess that a child makes might immensely trigger you. Please take all of your triggers into account and work on them. Make yourself understand that this is their time to explore new consistency, colours, feels, shapes, etc. Let them be themselves! 

5) Flaunt your patience - Conscious parenting is about patience and mindfulness. Toddlers sometimes can ruffle your feathers with their notorious questioning, but remember that they are just little humans exploring new things and have a mind full of unsolved doubts. So, prepare yourself to teach and answer them calmly. 

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