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Marriage is a symbol of love and sacrament. As you hear the word marriage, what is that one image that pops into your brain? A man and a woman dressed up gorgeously following the rituals, right? Well, what if we told you to imagine a boy getting married to himself or a woman getting married to herself? Sounds a little weird. Well, this is what is currently happening in India. Before we get into self-marriage, let's define what marriage is. 

Marriage is the legally recognized union of two individuals as partners in a personal relationship. For decades humans have witnessed marriages taking place between tap individuals. And in today's era, people are getting married to themselves. Yes!! This is true. Recently a 24-year-old in India got married to herself in the presence of her friends and family. The bride got married to herself by following all the rituals. All the extravagant and elaborate ceremonies, like Haldi, Lord Ganesha pooja and much more, were followed. 

Moreover, she got married before her date to avoid any controversy. However, as much as she got love for her decision to marry herself, she was followed by problems too. A politician objected to her decision, and seeing the controversy erupting, the temple where the bride was going to get married canceled the appointment. This was the first ever case of Sologamy in India. 

But how does all this make you feel? Shocked? Did you know there's a term for people who marry themselves? Sologamy!!! 

What is Sologamy or self-marriage? 

Sologamy is a term used for people who willingly get married to themselves. Generally, sologamy stands for an expression of loving oneself and not relying on a partner. 

But the question arises, what is the legal status of sologamy in India?

The Hindu Marriage Act requires two people to get married and qualify as one. Hence, Hindu sologamy does not get any legal status in India, making sologamy Hindu marriages void. 

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