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It's pretty evident how mental illness is taking a significant toll on everyone. Not to mention the suicide rate is going significantly up all over the world, especially in India. Most people giving up on their lives belong to younger generations. One of the core reasons is that the younger generation cannot handle the pressure and stress burnout. The majority of youth all over the world are diagnosed with one or other mental illness, which is not only heart-wrenching but concerning. 

This is the time to say bye-bye to all the worries and find the best aid to cure mental illnesses. Mental health is no joke; it will pay back if we take care of it. However, in today's era, where everything happens with a snap of the fingers, it is challenging to take care of yourself. But people forget that it is the foremost thing to be prioritised. 

Anxiety is one of the mental illnesses that is nothing less than hell. People with anxiety feel anxious, their heart pounds fast, sweat, have shortness of breath, chest pain, trembling, etc. People with anxiety avoid social gatherings and eventually decline the best opportunities. But caging yourself is no way to overcome this problem. For decades spiritual practices in India have emphasised healthy living and tranquillity. One of those practices is Sound Healing Therapy. 

What is sound healing therapy? 

Sound healing therapy is a technique to make an individual feel relaxed and improve physical and mental well-being by using aspects of music or sounds. Sound has a powerful effect on our emotions and through this technique, practitioners activate the hearing sense, filling up the mind & body with positive vibrations. One of the popular ways of sound therapy is singing bowl therapy. The meditation bowl sound almost instantly activates your senses through its vibration. 

You may have seen a mid-sized bell hanging in Hindu temples. Ever wondered why? 

As Hinduism is rich in culture and almost every practice is backed by scientific reason, this, too, has a scientific explanation. When you ring the bell, it creates vibration and those vibrations sound like "Om," Om is considered a global vibration of the universe. The bells act as a sound healing therapy. 

Many types of equipment work well for sound therapy and every part of the world has different things to offer, such as Tibetan singing bowls, wind chimes, tongue drums, tuning forks, didgeridoo, ghanta & Dorje, etc. 

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