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If you are getting married to a Muslim man, you should know about the Nikah ceremony before marriage. Nikah is an Islamic marriage ceremony whereby couples validate their marriage for the vision of the world. The couples sign the marriage contract in the presence of the Imam and at least two witnesses. In Islam, the couple should entail both religious ceremonies and legal requirements. As per Islamic belief, marriage should be backed by social contracts which bestow rights and obligations to both parties. Marriage will only survive if it is cherished and respected by both individuals. If parties break the contract or are not content with the marriage, they can seek divorce. In Muslim marriages, mostly the parents of the couples arrange the marriage. This is not an Islamic necessity; however, they are encouraged to find the best partners for their children.

Islam is practical and mindful that numerous relationships turn out badly and separate for various reasons. Nonetheless, most relationships start with good motivations and the condition of marriage is viewed as the best way for Muslims to live. Moreover, celibacy is disapproved, as it might prompt mental and actual strains and issues in the marriage. Sexual relationship outside marriage is forbidden to Muslims, including all assortments of connections - gay and heterosexual. Therefore, the couple should keep each other happy in all aspects. 

Mahr Ceremony -

Mahr is a financial deal committed by the groom for the prospective bride before marriage. This is a gift to the wife by the husband. The reason behind this ceremony is that if a woman wishes to use the money, she can use it wherever she wants. However, if the bride wants to opt for a divorce and the husband isn't ready, she is permitted to return the money and seek a divorce called "Khul/Khula." But if the divorce takes place for genuine reasons and with the usual decision, the woman can keep the Mahr. 

Usually, in the Mahr ceremony, the bride and her family ask for an enormous amount of Mahr to secure the daughter's future. 

Nikah Ceremony -

Nikah is the final and straightforward ceremony where both parties unite and take vows in front of both witnesses. The Nikah ceremony consists of Quran reading and the Imam is usually present.

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