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Child adoption is rapidly escalating in India. Back in the time, adoption was not accepted by Indian families. Many people disapproved of the decision because they didn't want to bring somebody else's child into their home. However, now that times have changed, more and more people are opting for child adoption in India. 

People who cannot conceive naturally or want to give a child the joy of life that has been left alone. However, when a couple cannot have children, others suggest they adopt a child. As much as it sounds easy, it is not. Couples struggling with conceiving go through a lot of mental and physical strain. Moreover, the adoption procedure can be exhausting. Before anyone wishes to adopt a child in India, they must be aware that the Indian Government is very strict about adoption procedures in India. So, you should try only if you are mentally ready to undergo hardships. The couple has to go through a lengthy adoption procedure, but in the end, when you see your child's gleaming, captivating eyes, it is all worth it. 

What is the procedure for child adoption in India?

Adoption is a legal way that allows someone to become a parent of a child that is not connected through blood. Apart from that, once the parents adopt a child in all ways, they become the child's legal parents. 

Step 1 - 

Any individual or couple who are adoptive parents should register online in the Child Adoption Resource Information and Guidance System by filling out the form mentioned in schedule - 5. Adoptive parents are instructed to provide accurate documentation when filling up the application.

Step 2 - 

Your application will be checked by government authorities and forwarded to government-recognized agencies to facilitate the adoption process as per the government's guidelines on adoption.

Step 3 - 

Social workers or an authorised person from the registered agent will visit your home. The agency could tell you to attend counseling to check your motives, strength, weaknesses, etc. According to CARA regulations, counseling and home study must be covered within three months from registration.

Step 4 - 

Whenever the child is ready for adoption, the agency shall inform the adoptive parents of the child's medical reports, physical examination reports and other relevant information. If the couple is happy to take it forward, they can meet the child in person.

Step 5 - 

Once the adoptive parents are happy with the child, the child seems comfortable with them. The adoptive parent has to sign a few documents about the child's acceptance.

Step 6 - 

All necessary documents will be submitted to the lawyer who prepares a petition to be presented to the court. You will be asked to sign the petition before the court officer. 

Step 7 - 

Once the petition is signed in court, the adoptive parents must take the child to the pre-adoption foster care centre before taking the child home. It is because parents get to comprehend and adopt the child's habits from the nursing staff.

Step 8 - 

Once you are done with all steps and investment is made in the child's name, you have to show the evidence to the court, and once everything is clear, the judge shall pass the adoption orders.

Step 9 - 

After the adoption procedures are completed, the agency must submit follow-up reports on the child's well-being to the court. The duration of this may last for 1-2 years.

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