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Pregnancy is a blessing, and with blessings comes responsibility. Many new moms tend to make significant mistakes. It is essential to know the Dos and Don'ts after delivering a baby. When you become a mother, you naturally become cautious about how to protect your child in the best way. However, there are some vital things a new mother should I highly consider, such as Breastfeeding. 

If you are ashamed of Breastfeeding your baby, then there's something wrong with you or the people around you. Breastfeeding is a natural process of feeding your baby. Mother's milk is vital for the baby. It protects your baby from sickness, allergies and many other things. You are probably inundated if you don't want to breastfeed your baby. Although it is your personal choice whether to breastfeed your baby or not, it is best recommended by experts that you should breastfeed your baby. 

How does breastfeeding help your baby? 

Although initially you may have cracked nipples, insufficient milk or irritation, you must consider it as it suits your baby. For instance - It helps your baby stay away from infections and diarrhoea. Also, it helps the baby's body to diminish the chances of developing eczema, obesity, asthma, diabetes, etc. 

Learning to breastfeed can be a little uncomfortable, but once you try different positions, you will learn what your body is comfortable with. 

Right ways to breastfeed - 

1) Right position - You may not know the power of the right position now, but eventually, you will. Sitting in the right position is essential, as bad posture can lead to immense back aches. You must keep your back and arms straight, keep pillows behind your back to have cushion support and have a pillow under your baby so you don't have to bend. 

2) Baby's right position - You must keep your baby straight and their nose away from your nipples. As your breast can suffocate your baby, stay attentive. You can support their neck by holding them with your hands and it will help them swallow easily. 

How do you latch your baby to your breast? 

Babies need a mouthful of breast. By holding your baby's back of the neck, tilt them slightly once they open their mouth wide open and attach their mouth to your breast. 

How to know if your baby is not getting enough milk? 

1) When your baby is full, they easily detach themselves from the breast and make swallowing noises. 

2) Your baby starts with small sucks, followed by longer ones. At this time, you will know if you are producing enough milk. 

3) When babies get enough food, they seem content and delightful. See if your baby is giggling; that is a sign of your milk production. 

4) After breastfeeding for a few days, your baby should have at least six wet nappies. 

5) Your baby shouldn't have any pooping complications. Your baby's poop should be a little runny. 

We hope this article helps you breastfeed your baby the right way. To read such an informative blog, kindly check out other forums too.



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