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Have you ever wondered why Hindu temples have bells at the temple's entrance? You will know about it in this article. When you enter a temple, you can see a bell hanging from the ceiling. In Hindu culture, ringing bells is considered an auspicious practice. Even the Bollywood iconic scenes are made around temple bells. But do you know its significance?

You may have also attended pooja, where the bells are rung persistently. It may be considered a traditional ritual but scientific reasons back almost every Hindu ritual. Have you ever wondered why you feel a gush of positivity around yourself after going to the temple? Well, it is because your senses get activated. For instance - When you smell the aroma of incense sticks, your smelling sense gets activated. When you eat prasadam, your taste buds get activated. 

But why do you feel good after ringing a bell in the temple? 

1) Temple bells are made with metals like copper, zinc, nickel, chromium, manganese and cadmium. The proportion of each metal is added to develop a peaceful sound. 

2) When you ring the bells, the sound erupts louder in echo at first, then gradually gets slower. 

3) The echo touches the seven chakras of the body. It instantly helps in calming your mind and body. 

4) Temple bells are designed to create the sound "OM." A universal word that generates peace is believed to have the same frequency as Earth's rotation around its axis. 

5) When you enter the temple and ring the bell, it awakens you from mental disturbance and encourages you to focus on pooja or mantras. 

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