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A live-in relationship is like a marriage for a couple but without making it official. Some couples believe a piece of paper can't justify their relationship, so they prefer to be in a live-in relationship. Even though there are countless advantages of moving in together, one must consider a few things. 

Some couples who are new love birds in the town get a little too excited about their relationship and end up deciding to live together. Sometimes it works and most of the time, relationships don't work. People should realize that moving in with someone they met a few months ago can be naive. Undoubtedly, most of India's youth are highly influenced by Bollywood. People think they can live with strangers and recreate a Bollywood scene. However, this whole thing can turn into a bizarre scenario real quick. Couples must have at least one year of relationship before stepping into a live-in relationship. And a two-year-old relationship is perfect for knowing one another's background.

Moving in with a person you barely know anything about can be dangerous for you and your family. Imagine a situation where you have met a person online, you fell in love with them after dating for a while and a few meets later, you decided to live with them and they turned out to be a terrorist/ criminal/ serial killer, etc. You will not just be putting your life at risk, but your family and friends too by giving out their information to your partner. 

After security comes the future. 

What does your partner think about the future?

Before you move in with your partner, check what your partner aspires for. They might not want to tie the knot now, but they might want to make the relationship official by getting married in the future. If you align with them in harmony, then there shouldn't be any harsh discussions in the future. There can be circumstances when you don't want to get married ever and want to continue living with your partner but your partner might have different expectations. In such cases, communication and comprehension play a vital role. Make sure to communicate well with your partner about your future together. 

What if a woman living in a live-in relationship gets pregnant? 

The live-in relationship may be considered a disgrace in Indian society but not in the vision of Indian law. India has the lengthiest constitution in the world and that is for a reason. Indian law intends to provide justice to everyone. However, in many live-in relationships, the birth of a child has been involved. There have been numerous cases when a couple living in a live-in relationship gets pregnant but society considers it illegal. 

In 2008, the Supreme Court of India gave legal status to children born from live-in relationships. But the court laid the precondition before establishing the legal status for childbirth in a live-in relationship. The child will be legitimated if the parents of the child live under one roof for a more extended period and will be considered husband and wife. And the court further announced that the child is worried if it's their parent's property but it does not include undivided ancestral property.






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