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Remote work was almost non-existent before Covid-19 took over our planet Earth. After lockdowns, working from home became an everyday norm. Working from home has its own set of pros and cons. There are a group of people who prefer working from the office and there are people who enjoy working in their cozy bubble. 

Working from home has plenty of advantages for both organisations and employees. From saving up on electricity bills and travelling expenses to office rents, organisations are opting for a hybrid work culture. Some organisations believe lockdown has opened their eyes and helped them realise that work can be done anywhere. As long as the work is done efficiently, it doesn't matter where you are working from. And on the other hand, some organisations believe work can only be done under supervision. But what do employees prefer? 

Working from home saves peoples' a lot of time, energy & money. Additionally, they get to work in their cute jammies while sipping on their favourite tea. Who wouldn't like that? But have you observed something different in your behaviour since you started to work from home? Do you feel paranoid while working from home? Do you think people are probably judging your house during zoom meetings, or when somebody leaves your message on read, do you feel that you are probably getting fired? 

Well, this can happen because of misinterpretation. Somebody might have said something and you believe something else. Due to WFH, you don't get to see other people's behaviour and their expressions, or you don't get to communicate with your boss / colleagues with the same influence as working from the office. 

Many people have experienced paranoia while at WFH because they feel something that isn't what it is. For instance - When your manager doesn't reply to your emails or calls, you start sewing thoughts that you are getting sacked. If your office hires someone new, you think you will be replaced. You even begin developing a fear of little things, such as receiving calls and attending virtual meetings. All these miscommunications & misinterpretations can make you paranoid. 

How to deal with WTH paranoia? 

1) Communication with peers - Even if your job doesn't encompass daily meetings or reporting, try & communicate with your colleagues daily. Don't avoid conversations with your managers or peers. Rather than texting, try calling. This way, you can talk about other things and feel a bit lighter & involved too. 

2) Peace before work - Before you start your work, make sure you meditate, work out, or do something that activates your day and eradicates your negative thoughts.

3) Socialising - As much as WFH is amazing, it can also make you comfortable with being alone, which is not good. Half your day passes by working, so make sure to step out of the house for at least a bit. Socialise with your friends & family. Plays some casual sports & organises some hang-out sessions. 

4) Believe in yourself - The more you doubt yourself, the more you will get scared. Trust your skills & communicate with confidence. Keep telling yourself that you are irreplaceable. You must remember that nobody can replace you if you work efficiently. Be ready for challenges. 

5) Take breaks - Hybrid culture has skyrocketed tremendously because people think WFH is full of comfort, but working from home is more hectic than working from the office. In WFO, you get breaks, you can leave on time and you work at your own quality pace. But in WFH, people pour tasks on employees as if they are relaxing at home. So, make sure to take breaks when you need them. Remember, your brain needs fresh air to work efficiently. 

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