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You may have noticed a colorful circle on an Indian woman's forehead. Have you ever wondered why many women wear that? Both married and unmarried Hindu women wear bindis. For ages, people have thought that the bindi is just for fashion or an auspicious thing, but you will be astounded to know that wearing a bindi has more significance than fashion. 

Wearing a bindi enhances the ethnic look, but do you know how it also has numerous health benefits? 

If we trace back to Indian history, women have been wearing bindi on the forehead since then. Women wear bindi on the center of the forehead between the two eyebrows. The center of the forehead spot is also famous for Lord Shiva's third eye. It represents inner wisdom and strength. However, even in ancient Chinese acupressure practice, pressing the mid-forehead spot is considered beneficial for health. 

Below are some reasons why wearing a bindi helps your health. 

1) Yogic aspect - Do you know? The spot where you wear a bindi, right between your brows on your forehead, is where "Ajna Chakra" is located. "Ajna Chakra plays a vital role in Yogic meditation and is the sixth and the most powerful chakra. It entails the brain, eyes, pituitary gland and pineal gland. Ajna chakra helps you focus better. 

2) Headache reliever - If you are struggling with regular headaches, or feel that your eyes are straining, press your mid-forehead with your thumb for a few seconds. The acupressure technique helps you get rid of the severe headache almost instantly. This happens because, in this spot, many primary nerves and blood vessels converge. 

3) Improves vision - Stimulating this point is believed to improve your vision and eyes because the supratrochlear nerve passes through this point. This nerve belongs to the branch of the frontal nerve, which is a branch of the ophthalmic division of the trigeminal nerve. It is connected to all the muscles around your eyes, so pressing it is believed to be beneficial. 

4) Cures sinuses - Those tired of sniffing and adamant sinuses must try pressing the midpoint of the forehead. This point is located in a specific branch of trigeminal nerves. Stimulating these nerves improves blood flow to the nasal passage, sinuses and mucosal lining. It also helps open blocked noses, nasal swelling, congestion, etc. 

5) Calms your mind - When this point in your forehead is stimulated, your Ajna chakra gets activated. This not only helps in better concentration but also relieves stress and anxiety. Pressing or massaging this point daily will keep the blood flow intact and help you relax. This technique will send a positive and calming effect through your body. Eventually, this beats Insomnia. It also helps to strengthen your facial muscles, which makes all the ladies look beautiful and young. 

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