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India is a country of magnificent culture and tradition that are highly backed by facts & science. India is a land of beliefs. As much as Indian women are known for their breathtaking beauty, they are also known for their wisdom and strength. 

You may have seen Indian married women wearing various ornaments and accessories after marriage. Some people wear it just as a gesture of being married, but some ornaments have a deeper meaning to them. For instance - Many women wear toe rings. 

You may have seen Indian women, especially Hindu women wearing toe rings after marriage. Ever wondered why? Because it has numerous health benefits. Hindu women wear silver toe rings on the second toe of both feet. 

According to Ayurveda, the nerve of the second toe of the feet is connected to the woman's uterus. Hence, a silver ring stimulates the point with slight pressure and regulates the menstrual cycle. 

- Wearing a silver toe ring also ensures a healthy uterus.

- It is also believed that wearing the silver toe ring benefits acupressure.

- Traditionally, married women wear toe rings on the second toe of their feet. However, unmarried women wear them on the third toe; it is believed to ease period pain.

- Toe rings are also worn to arouse sexual desire in women. 

Why are toe rings made out of silver?

As silver is a good conductor, it releases negativity from our bodies. 

However, before buying the toe rings, you must buy the right size as they can suffocate your toe, stop blood circulation or cause any other infection. 

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